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Honda to bring two Hybrid models next year

It was long known, that a Honda Jazz Hybrid is in the pipeline. What we hear of late is that, Honda will be bringing out two hybrid models next year into the Japanese market - a sportscoupe and the Jazz Hybrid. Both models will set sail to European and

Honda Civic hybrid debuts alongside Keanu Reeves

We had Mustangs, Camaros, Ferraris and lots of other special star cars in Hollywood and now things have taken a turn with the debut of Honda’s low-emission eco-friendly Civic Hybrid. The Honda Civic Hybrid stars alongside Keanu Reeves in the Hollywood

Honda’s new hybrid to cost less that Prius and Civic

A top Honda Motor Co executive said on Wednesday (13th August) that the company’s all new gas-electric hybrid that will compete directly with Toyota’s Prius will be priced lower than the current Civic hybrid. Richard Colliver, executive vice