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Fiat 500 voted the best compact car in Japan

The cute little Fiat 500 which is also known as Cinquecento and the 'mighty mouse' has been voted as the 'Best Compact Car' in Japan. Over 80,000 users took part in the competition and judged it ahead of it's competitors Toyota IQ and Peugeot 308- Yes,

Go green go- Honda Civic Hybrid wins T3 award

The Honda Civic, the same one we have in India scooped the Green Gadget of the Year at T3 magazine’s annual awards ceremony last night. Voted by T3 readers themselves, it was the Civic Hybrid’s low emissions and excellent fuel economy that won them

Audi Q7 tops in 2008 Smartgreen Index In U.S.

In an age where ‘green cars’ are making more sense and SUV’s are continuing their dormant stint in dealership parking lots, the Audi Q7 has bore out that all SUV’s don’t have to be alike. The Q7 has come first in the Smartgreen

Fiat 500 triumphs at evecars.com Car of the Year Awards 2008

The Fiat 500 can’t stop winning awards and we can’t stop praising the little city car which has just been released here in India. The Fiat 500 has won all sorts of awards through the years including the prestigious International Car of the