Nano didn’t flood the streets, Toyota Etios certainly will

17/12/2010 - 11:51 | ,  ,  ,   | Kaustubh Shinde

Toyota Etios sedan target customer

By Kaustubh Shinde

If you thought 8,100 Etios sedans in 7 days was awesome. Wait till you here this: Toyota Kirloskar Motors (TKM) has registered a mind-boggling 12,000 orders for the Etios within just 15 days of the launch. That is nothing like we have heard before

On the launch, TKM set a target of 70,000 units for 2011. But at this rate the company will achieve that target in less than 3 months. These numbers sound even more huge when you take into consideration the fact that the production hasn’t even started and not a single car is on the road. It is supposed to begin on the 20th of this month at Toyota’s plant near Bangalore. The waiting list has already stretched to over 8 months! Book a car now and it will come in August next year.

These numbers are just too hard to believe. Who is buying this car? Are these really individuals or has the car entered the fleet market? Because make no mistake this is an IDEAL fleet car. It’s inexpensive, very spacious and crucially it’s economical. If it has entered the fleet market then that is so not the target customer of Toyota.

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