It's a Plane! No! It's a Car!

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Is this what flying on the road literally means?

If you can’t ever get inside a real F-35, why not create one yourself? That is precisely what Arthur van Poppel did and created this do-it-yourself F-35. Poppel’s jet is a scaled version of the original and combines awesomeness with the attention to detail, down to the pilot costume.

He supplemented an extra seat to the fighter jet, and a number of special effects like spewing smoke, water and confetti. Incredible attention to detail, but what he forgot to make the jet capable of flying and also, the jet is incapable of firing missiles.

Lockheed Martin’s F-35 does seem to have an edge on Poppel’s jet, but since Lockheed’s fighter jet can’t move around the road entertaining people, or throw confetti around, we give the prize to Poppel’s jet.

IAB Comment: What do you call this thing? A Plane or A Car? Take the example of  Penguin, it can't fly, but it's still called a bird! On that basis, we smartly call this a plane!

F-35 by Arthur van Poppel Image Gallery

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