Fiat cars to vacate Tata dealer showrooms by March 2013

20/09/2012 - 11:21 | Fiat | Shrawan Raja

Fiat India has started what is believed to be its third operational restructuring in India.

Fiat Linea Absolute Edition

The transition from a shared retail strategy to a completely independent network has started. In addition, Fiat is inaugurating independent workshops, the first of which is already in operation, in Pune.

A news article on The Times of India elaborates that the separation from Tata Motors in sales operations will conclude by March 2013. Fiat has planned to establish a network of dealerships spread across the country to begin its third journey to win over India.

Fiat began negotiating with Tata Motors dealers in May this year to construct independent showrooms for Fiat cars. The company has promised to launch 80 Fiat dealerships in 67 cities by the end of 2013.

The joint venture continues to exist at the Ranjangaon manufacturing facility, where the partners produce cars and engines.

Without giving away specific details, a senior Fiat official told the newspaper that investments will be made for brand building exercises.

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