Conquest Evade, a 3.2 crore luxury SUV, will arrive in India this year

11/08/2012 - 14:07 | ,   | Raja Rama Moorthy

Conquest Vehicles, a Toronto-based company, will launch its first unarmored luxury SUV - The Evade - in India by the end of 2012.

Conquest-evade-front-shot-lights-onConquest Evade rear

The Evade is priced at a stonking Rs.3.2 crore, imported and distributed by The Magus Group.

The Evade uses Ford's wide F550 Super Duty chassis to support the aluminum and mild steel body. Its cabin is presented in a 2+2 limousine-style seating. There is an option for two electronic executive style reclining seats with retractable driver partition or flatscreen TV.

Though the platform is from a Ford, the Evade comes with new headlights and taillights, narrow fender flares, a redesigned grille, hood scoop and a wide backdoor to allow for exit/entry of executive security though the rear of the vehicle. Forward looking infrared (FLIR) night vision camera systems are fitted in the front and rear of the vehicle.

The SUV is a stunning combination of several high strength composite metals and high-grade leathers and alcantara. It is a delightful mixture of ruggedness and luxury.

The cabin will provide over 400 cubic feet space of military inspired design cues with luxurious finishes. It has laptop trays and a third sunroof to make for an airy cabin.

When Conquest Vehicles claim that vehicles are 'hand crafted,' they really do mean business. The handcrafted elements include the vehicle's steering wheel, proprietary hinges, running boards and even the key to start the beast is machined out of solid stainless steel. In addition, the vehicle's handles are machined out of a solid block of aluminum.

The SUV will ride on front and rear commercial grade air suspension with power coming from either a gasoline or diesel engine. Power will be distributed to all four wheels.

Watch the video above to learn more about the Conquest Evade.

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