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Ferrari F70 teaser digitally enhanced by Milanno Artworks

The latest fad in the rendering scene is to digitally enhance a teaser image released by a manufacturer with the imagination of a rendering artist. We have already seen this trend with the Honda Urban SUV rendering

Need For Speed: Most Wanted – In the lanes of Bandra

So it is a Bandh! No traffic, no pedestrians and no hawkers. Only empty streets. So what do you do in such a case? Well if you have a car, you enjoy the empty roads. And if you have a supercar and so does one of your friends, you race them. Well

Ferrari FF launched in India at 3.42 crore rupees

Ferrari launched its four-seat hatchback in India today at its Delhi dealership for a price of 3.42 crore rupees (ex-showroom price). The FF is the replacement model for the 612 Scaglietti. Shreyans Group is committed to bringing down all the Ferraris

Ferrari all set to launch the FF in India on October 31

As the excitement of the first ever Indian GP is in the air, Ferrari is all set to deliver some goodies as a parting gift after the race. On 31st of October, a day after the race, Ferrari is all set to unveil the unique Ferrari FF in India at their Delhi

Indian Autos Blog visits Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Here is a little exercise that you can do for fun. Just catch any tom, dick or harry on the street and ask him what do you know about Ferrari? And 10 out of 10 times he/she would say “I would like to own one!” The weird part is that 9 out of that

IAB is at Ferrari New Delhi!

As we type this in, IAB representative Bharat Iyer is sitting at the inauguration of the Ferrari' first showroom in India at Janpath, New Delhi. Ferrari invited Indian Autos Blog to be part of this very special launch which also marks the Prancing

Ferrari officially arrives in India on 26th of May

Finally the date when the Prancing Horse stampedes the Indian road has been announced. On 26th May, Ferrari officially opens a shop in New Delhi. The very first dealership will be located in the Janpath area. A second dealership in Mumbai will be announced

Ferrari looks to India to meet 8k cars/year target

Italian supercar manufacturer Ferrari is banking its hopes on India, China and Latin America to realize its annual volume target of 8,000 cars, AutoNews reports. Luca di Montezemolo, Ferrari' CEO - A lot depends on India, Latin America and China.