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Ford EcoSport tests day and night in Brazil

Ford engineers are working really hard to get their next car ready as soon as possible, working even on the weekends to realize this goal. Earlier in the week we showed you some pics of the EcoSport convoy near the Bahia plant and today we have a different

Ford EcoSport caught testing, this time in Brazil

As we track the development of the 2012 Ford EcoSport from around the world, in comes photographs of a completely cloaked test mule from Brazil. If you remember, Ford was testing the vehicle in Hortlandia last year wearing a Fiesta body. Now that the

Ford EcoSport website gets updates in India and Brazil

Ford is reaching out to eager fans of the new EcoSport through official websites showcasing the same concept car that was unveiled in January this year. That, combined with the several spy shots that came in from China, confirms that the production version