CarInsuranceList – An overview

11/12/2008 - 06:34 | Commercials | Shrawan Raja

Let's face it: most of the time, the last thing you really want to be reading about is car insurance. Oh, sure, you know you need it - who doesn't? - but your existing company is probably giving you a great deal, right? Well, possibly, but what if you buy a new car, and want to compare options? What if you buy a new motorcycle and your existing insurer only covers cars? Where do you turn? We recommend isn't just a rate quote engine surrounded by a ton of advertisements (it's entirely ad-free, in fact), but a comprehensive auto insurance site that offers general information on all aspects of the insurance industry, regularly updated insurance news, so you can keep track of what's going on in your state and around the country, featured articles about important happenings, and reviews of major insurance companies.

The reviews are really one of the best features of, because they give site visitors an overview of what to expect from various companies. Reading the review for titan auto insurance, for example,  informs you that this company reaches out to the Spanish-speaking community, both by having bilingual agents and by offering insurance for those who drive to and from (or vacation in) Mexico. As well, this company advertises their SR22 products, clearly hoping to access another niche of consumers.

The entry for progressive insurance, on the other hand, includes the information that this company, despite a reputation for being fresh and new, has actually been in business since 1927. It also highlights the fact that internet and phone calls are the preferred forms of contact - not having huge numbers of physical offices allows them to reduce their overhead, and pass savings to their customers.

Of course, even all the reviews in the world won't take the place of what you really want from an insurance website: comparisons and rate quotes. offers these, too. Their engine is well designed, and easy to use: input basic information about yourself, including where you live and what kind of car you want to insure, and it sends that data over a secure connection, returning results by email, at no cost, and in very little time. The ball is then in your court - no one will contact you, but you'll have all the information necessary to decide if you want to move forward.

In the realm of insurance shopping, there are sites that provide news, and sites that quote rates, and there are even a few sites that review other companies, but if you want a one-stop site for your shopping, is the place for you.

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