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Hamann BMW 7 Series goes to the wind-tunnel

HAMANN, which earlier showcased its tuned version of BMW 7 Series, has pushed the pack a step further. The entire program has undergone a refining procedure in which the tuner has adjusted the individual components of the aerodynamic pack, to optimize

Spied: 2011 Porsche 911

The next generation 2011 Porsche 911, the 998, was caught road-testing on German public roads. At first glance, it looks very much like the current generation 997 model range but Porsche purists who claim that this is sure to be the next generation 911

Eye Candy- Renault R28 F1 car at 2008 IIT Shaastra

Indian Autos Blog wish to thank Arjun from Chennai for sending us these snaps. ING was one of the key sponsors for IIT Shaastra, an annual tech fest conducted by the students of IIT . The IITians were able to convince ING to bring the Renault R28 F1 car