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Audi plans diet programs for next gen Q5 and Q7

Weight loss seems to be the ‘in’ thing these days. Everyone is running around to their nutritionists and dieticians to make sure that they are slim and trim. Well cars are no different to humans. Case in point, Audi is planning to put the next generation

Next generation Audi Q7 to shed 400kg?

That's more than half a Tata Nano! International news websites are reporting about a possible platform switch and a rigorous diet program for India' most loved premium SUV, the Audi Q7. Click HERE the read more about the next generation Q7 Click

Rendering – 2013 Audi Q7

Up to this point, the 2013 Audi Q7 existed in our imagination, and one person decided to represent it as a drawing. The future Audi Q7 sizzles with inspiration from the existing model, gets LED indicator lamps placed on its bumper, shorter and more