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Day 3: Honda Brio Driving Impressions

Yes, the Honda badge does stand for impeccable reliability but it also stands for performance in India. The old Honda City set the benchmark for performance sedans in India which the Civic and Accord cheerfully carried on. Thus the Brio has a daunting

Day 2: Honda Brio Interiors Review

Yes, the Honda Brio does look like a cutesy small car from the outside. Unfortunately, a ‘small car’ may conjure up images of a cramped interior space, legs touching legs and a little bit of elbow action. Further adding to the pain, rival Toyota

Day 1: Honda Brio Design Review

Looked upon as a premium brand in India, Honda decided that it needs to go mass market to attract more customers. The Honda Brio was the Japanese automaker’s competitor in the hatchback space which constitutes for almost 70% of the car sales in India.