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Three Tata Nanos catch fire; Should we even react?

Has the Tata Nano started showing signs of its dark side this early? I'm having second thoughts on writing this article.. This isn't the first time Tata's initial batch of cars have shown signs of trouble. I have witnessed a brand new Indigo XL,

Tata Indigo Vista launches next month for over 5-lakh INR

The much awaited Tata Indigo Vista will be set afloat next month for a price tag displaying 5-lakh rupees or more. The car will be put together in the Ranjangaon plant where Fiat manufactures all its cars for India. The engine options include the 1.3-liter

Fiat introduces Multiair technology at the Geneva Motor Show

If you have a love for the engine, the word Multijet should make your heart beat faster. Well, it's the award winning engine that's doing all the thermodynamics under the bonnet of the Swift, Palio, Indica Vista and 500. GM could use this engine in the