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Exclusive – Fiat Grande Punto Evo at Frankfurt 09

With minor exterior revisions in the form of new front and rear bumpers, the Fiat Grande Punto Evo's biggest change comes under the hood and inside the cabin. With a more stylish dashboard, improved seats and larger storage compartment, the Punto

Teaser – Fiat Grande Punto Evo

With the Frankfurt Show coming up in a couple of weeks, it is apt to name this a season of teasers. The latest - an image of the upcoming Fiat Grande Punto Evo, which already has been revealed unofficially by the "bhp paparazzi." Wicked. The

Spied – Fiat Grande Punto Evo with lights on

If they really wanted to improve the Punto's drivability in the dark, why didn't they offer extra lights as part of accessories with the existing car, or source lamps from a better supplier? That's what I thought until I learned this car will come

Rendering + new spy shot – Fiat Grande Punto Evo

After looking at the re-styled Fiat Grande Punto Evo, I am sure many of you would question why Fiat introduced the older model in India. The new spy shot, for the first time, reveals the full front fascia of the car. The embedded plastic strip

Fiat Grande Punto facelift revealed

One of our favorite Fiats, the Grande Punto, has got an adorable face lift, an almost different front end and a few more changes on the rear (visible in the images). We have been having a watchful eye on the face lifted model for the last few months. This