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Tarun Tripathy

Tarun has competed in the Raid De Himalayas, holds a national record for endurance driving and trained in the advance levels of the Mercedes AMG driving academy.

Volvo V90 Cross Country front

Volvo V90 Cross Country – First Drive Review

Overview Early last year, Volvo announced that by the year 2020, no passenger of a Volvo passenger vehicle will die or be seriously injured in an accident. This year, the Swedish automaker has announced that starting 2019, it will cease all development

2017 Skoda Octavia front revealed for India images

2017 Skoda Octavia – First Drive Review

The third generation Skoda Octavia was launched in October 2013 to much praise from the automotive community around the world. In India, it was the return of a nameplate that virtually established the Skoda brand in the early 2000’s when the first-generation

Jeep Compass front fascia review

Jeep Compass – First Drive Review

The Compass is Jeep’s third offering in India after it entered the country just last year. The first two launches were the Grand Cherokee (starting at 94 lakh ex-showroom) and the Wrangler (starting at 56.5 lakh ex-showroom). Both these nameplates hold

Jaguar The Art of Performance Tour

Jaguar, The Art of Performance Tour – IAB Report

I got an airstrip and 550 bhp all to myself. The next time you walk into a luxury car showroom, put on a straight face and ask the sales exec if you can do a 0 to 200 km/h run in his demo car. Chances are you will be laughed out the door. Not because

2016 Skoda Rapid front three quarters review

2016 Skoda Rapid – First Drive Review

The Rapid arrived in India in 2011 and quickly became Skoda’s top selling product in the country. Though it was always the twin sister to the Volkswagen Vento, Skoda worked hard to differentiate the Rapid and carve out its own unique selling points.


Volvo S90 – First Drive Review

Come Back Kid Robin Page spent a dozen years with Bentley designing the interiors of the Mulsanne and Continental. And this was after stints at Rolls Royce and Bugatti. In 2013, he was pulled away by Volvo, as part of a larger plan at play. Along with

2016 Honda Brio review

It’s been 5 years since Honda brought the Brio to India and here is the update for 2016. It isn’t all-new but a much needed refresh in time for the beginning of the country’s festive season. Honda says that the tail lamp design has been tweaked,

Renault Kwid front three quarters right review

Renault Kwid – First Drive Review

If the product development memo for a Mercedes S Class reads, “Throw everything you have at it”, the one for an Indian small car reads, “Remove everything you can from it”. Innovating in the small car segment is inherently difficult. There is

Audi A6 Matrix front three quarter review

Audi A6 Matrix – First Drive Review

There is a new BMW 5 Series coming, a Mercedes E Class is on the anvil too, and so is the new A6 by Audi somewhere on the horizon. But all 3 cars are still sometime away from India, and until such a time arrives, Audi has updated the A6 with a bit more

2015 Ford Endeavour (Review)

2016 Ford Endeavour – First Drive Review

Sports utility excites me a fair bit. Polo GTIs, M5s and 911s are all fun – but they kind of need tarmac to place their feet on. SUVs on the other hand, couldn’t be less bothered. When the all- new Ford Endeavour launches in India early next year,

Mercedes GLA front view on the review

Review – Mercedes GLA Class

There is credit due. The men and women that are responsible for the works of beauty we find on our roads are mostly forgotten as the unsung heroes. Gorden Wagener has been the head of design at Mercedes-Benz for quite some time now. He has been responsible