IAB Picks – 7 mini SUVs quickly approaching your local dealership

Posted on: Feb 27, 2014 - 9:38pm IST

Two segments which witnessed robust sales growth in India last year were the compact sedan segment and the mini SUV segment. Essentially, these segments are identical in the fact that these cars are designed to take advantage of India’s sub-4 meter excise benefit.

In this story, we list out 7 upcoming mini SUVs, all of which have one thing in common apart from their length: To match or exceed the Ford EcoSport.

1. Tata Nexon

Tata Nexon Concept rear three quarters official image

Unveiled as a concept at the Auto Expo 2014 this month, the Nexon previews Tata’s crossover which is reported to enter production within 24 months. Using the same X1 platform as the Vista, the Tata Nexon concept was powered by a three-cylinder turbocharged 1.2-liter petrol engine outputting 110 PS and 170 Nm of torque.

Features seen on the concept, which we believe could be extended to the production version include 17-inch alloy wheels, a 5-speed automatic transmission, 4WD and LED headlights.

13 thoughts on “IAB Picks – 7 mini SUVs quickly approaching your local dealership

  1. Ganesh says:

    You sure X-alpha and Taigun gonna make it to our shores anytime soon? Maruti has not even confirmed making production version of X-alpha, forget alone launching ‘sooner’. Also Taigun will be based on ‘UP’ platform and VW is contemplating even to launch UP here sighting cost and I do not see Taigun happening anytime sooner. They will have some India specific crap out of Polo patform.

    Off late many ‘Motobeam’ish reports are getting published in IAB about the launch of future vehicles! Interesting!!

  2. aarul Joythi says:

    Really Really Quanto is not a SUV (agreed to sidd) and the sales speaks ..

    1. The design is the worst derived from XYLO which is the worst of all designs.

    2. Price onroad is uncomfortable to most as there is no stability in Quanto.

    3. Mahindra Services is the other worst part.

    4. M&M should come quickly with a plan to replace Xylo and Quanto.

  3. aarul Joythi says:

    Mr. Anjan, Where is the date mentioned for Renaults Mini SUV.. Please correct the title of your article to “SUV’s for India Considered for launch”

  4. aarul Joythi says:

    Mid of 2015 and Not sure about the date means Quickly approaching the dealership ?

    There will be change in plans for Maruti always.

  5. aarul Joythi says:

    VM Taigun is planned for 2016 🙂 Quickly approaching Dealership good.

    1. The word “quickly” is descriptive of the pace at which the product is heading towards the dealership, and not indicative of the distance or time it is away from it.

    2. Bhargava says:

      All of these vehicles which were categorized as “quickly approaching your local dealership” – have one thing in common – and it is that they were all made official – either showcased at the AutoExpos or communicated by the spokesperson of the respective brand.

      Since testing alone takes more or less an year, it is safe to use ‘quickly’.

  6. aarul Joythi says:

    Where is the date mentioned for Adara? Funny Title ?

    IAB Picks – 7 mini SUVs quickly approaching your local dealership

  7. aarul Joythi says:

    Quickly means 24 months.. Great 🙂

    1. Hello Mr. Jyothi, by quickly approaching, we mean that companies have moved from the drawing board to the prototype stage – its a serious advancement towards production, and the title or story is not an indication of a quick or immediate launch. A product takes 4-6 years to reach production from the time it is conceived, and for many of these products, a considerable period of time has elapsed since the companies began working on them.

  8. sidd says:

    we can’t really consider quanto as a SUV

    1. GB says:

      Side, u r right. These are the new breed of suv looking mono volume MPVs. Not a bad idea but will definitely need a bench type front passenger seat assisted by dashboard mounted gear selected to compensate for the absence of a third row of seat, like on the m&m, s101.


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