The Team:
Shrawan Raja

Managing Editor

Hi, I’m Shrawan, an automobile engineer based in Chennai and the founder of When I began the website in 2008, my ambition was to educate Indians in knowing what was happening to our cars abroad. In my agenda were also foreigners, who wanted to know the Indian automotive scene, as it has gained a wide reputation for being the most interesting market in the world.

My favorite car is the Tata Nano. It has placed India on the global auto industry map and invited a lot of attention towards India and Indian engineering. The Nano has substantiated one thing- Any thing is possible if you put your mind and act together. It’s something we Indians need to be proud of.

Now that you’ve learned about me, its time you know a little about the people who work with me everyday on

Anjan Ravi

Deputy Editor

My name is Anjan and needless to say, I’ll argue with you to prove that I’m the biggest automobile enthusiast! My affair with four wheels began way back, about 21 years ago when I was living in Singapore. Ever since then, I can relate all my ‘important life firsts’ to cars. The first book I ever read was World Car Guide. The first cartoon I ever saw was Speed Buggy. And like most of you, the first thing I did when I turned 18 was to get my driver’s license.

People usually ask me about the best car I’ve ever driven. And I say its my good ol’ SX4. No, it really is. And another thing you should know about me is that I’m a Lamborghini person. Maybe it’s the history of the company, maybe it’s the way those cars are perceived to be, but my dream garage will have a Lambo for sure.

If I were to get one from the past, it has to be the Aston Martin DB5 in a good silver color! (Think James Bond.)

What am I doing right now? Well, I’m fantasizing about the day I get to drive my Mercedes CLA. It’s a beautiful car. Lets not argue about that!

Stay tuned to !

Shoeb R Kalania

Digital Manipulator

My name is Shoeb R Kalania. Friends call me SRK. I am an Automobile engineer from a college near Mumbai.

I am here because of the same reason you are here. Passion for Automobiles.

My work here is to make computer-generated renderings of future cars that are going to hit the Indian and global market. I always had interest in automobile design and IAB provides me a platform to showcase my talent to international and local audience.

Gaurav Malik

Delhi State Representative

My name’s Gaurav Malik. Fond of traveling, photography, adventure sports, working with Shrawan and anything related to automobiles. I graduated with a degree in literature from the prestigious Delhi University. From cars to bikes and tractors to camels, nothing is less fun than the other to me. Being committed to this blog now, I will promise to deliver as much as possible.

To capsule it, I believe and believe only in following my dreams.