Mahindra Quanto gets ‘Yoga seats’ which should have come as default!

Posted on: Jan 21, 2014 - 4:24pm IST

In a press release, Mahindra said today that it was introducing ‘Yoga Seats’ in the Quanto, a sub-4m version of the Xylo that’s marketed as Mahindra’s first compact SUV.

Mahindra Quanto Yoga seats 1Mahindra Quanto Yoga seats 2

The biggest drawback on the Quanto is its uncomfortable rear bench and an almost unusable third row. To plant two jump seats in the luggage area, Mahindra used a fixed seat back for the second row that was thinner than the Xylo’s and the lack of inclination gave it an up-right seating position. Even then, the shorter vehicle length severely compromised either on the comfort or the space in both positions, making them fit only for short journeys.

The ‘Yoga seats’ are newly designed 60:40 split second row seating, with better cushioning, which offers an armrest and allows the seatback to recline. As the split seat can double-dump and the third row can fold, 36 seat configurations are possible that allow better flexibility in storage.

Mahindra Quanto Yoga seats
The 60:40 split seats with double-dump offer 36 configurations.

Mahindra have not made structural or powertrain changes to the Quanto. The prices have also not faced revisions.

We certainly hope that Mahindra is working next on the 1.5 L mCR100 diesel engine, which quite easily is the least silent or refined in the compact utility vehicle segment.

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8 thoughts on “Mahindra Quanto gets ‘Yoga seats’ which should have come as default!

  1. Riccardo Locatelli says:

    Dear Bhushan Kharade , unfortunately in Italy QUANTO is not available. Can you send to me some pictures by mail? Thank you in advance and Best Regards

  2. Bhushan Kharade says:

    I own one since last one year. This is fantastic car with great initial torque. I have never seated on second row, but whoever seated in back did complained of bumpy rides. Since driving at controlled speeds on Indian roads, body roll never bothered me. The ABS-EBD feature is a cream. I am interested for the newly introduced YOGA seats for second row, and looking forward for installation of it. The car returns consistently 17 KMPL in combined driving conditions with AC always ON. No maintenance except routine scheduled maintenance..

    Mahindras have prooved it again by launching another fantastic sub 4 mtr car, loaded with more features at lower cost..

    I strongly recommend this car..

  3. Riccardo Locatelli says:

    Dear Sandy, I agree with you. Your comment is balanced.

  4. Riccardo Locatelli says:

    Dear Dhananjayan , I am not agree with you.
    7 seaters in 4 meters is a good result!
    Of course the can not be much confortable , anyway enough for short travel.

    1. sandy says:

      Quanto has the convenience of practicality and space, high seating and more airy room. But some laws of physics can’t be overlooked like it does have higher body roll due to tall stance on small wheels, ride and handling is also poor and finally the aesthetic looks though left to the viewers yet its quite odd to our taste. But so far one understands the limit of the product and use it accordingly, no complains.

    2. Dhananjayan says:

      The car is heavier than any small car, and even some MPV’s, but doesn’t have the quality, finish or refinement. Even though there is 100bhp on paper, it strains severely above even 100kmph. But the biggest flaw is the handling and dynamics! This car goes jumpy bouncy on even small undulations and dives alarmingly like a ship while braking and this flawed dynamics may lead to accident too! The current car’s rear seats are like that of a bus! The last two jump jump seats are severely cramped for adults and doesn’t do well in terms of safety too.
      Last but not the least, the styling is like an ugly duckling!

  5. Dhananjayan says:

    Whatever they do, the Quanto is a poor engineered vehicle!

  6. Riccardo Locatelli says:

    Hi Shrawan, I’m Riccardo and I write to you from Italy. In my opinion QUANTO is a very useful vehicle and I like it. Do you know if QUANTO will arrive in Italy?
    Best Regards, Riccardo


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