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  1. yoo278 May 7, 2013 at - Reply


    I am big fan of this site, but i am really let down by seeing the new change in Website. I think the old website was much better, crisp , clear n the images was good.
    can you please switch back to old version …


  2. Mithun May 7, 2013 at - Reply


    I don’t know if this is just my problem alone or if everybody else have this issue. Whenever I open a link, the background is black and text is also black. So nothing is visible other than images. I have to do Control+A so that everything is highlighted. Only then I am able to read.
    Kindly look into this


    • Shrawan Raja May 7, 2013 at - Reply

      Hi Mithun, can you please tell us which browser you are using, along with the version?

      • Mithun May 7, 2013 at -

        Hello Shrawan,

        I am @ office and I use IE8. No other browser is available. :(

      • mithun May 7, 2013 at -

        I checked at home. The background is white and text is black.

  3. Kishan May 5, 2013 at - Reply

    Great makeover. Loving it.
    Dump the logo. It’s boring

  4. Hapinder Harry June 30, 2009 at - Reply

    itz the skoda fabia

  5. Car Blog May 30, 2009 at - Reply

    Dude the link back has been given, there was some misunderstanding and we resolved it, didn’t we :)

    P.S Shrawan, don’t you think comments should be disabled on this page :)

  6. Hemal April 15, 2009 at - Reply

    Saw your comment on one of the website which published the F634 and Fiat600. Both the cars are just scoops and were edited by myself for April Fool. I was wondering how the author at did not gave a linkback…

    The Original link can be found here…

  7. Thillaisthanan Krishnan April 15, 2009 at - Reply

    Shravan Raja’s comments are quite informative and interesting. His brief but excellent description gives
    the salient features of TATA NANO and an insight into the new affordable car for India.

    Congratulations to Shravan Raja and wish him all the best.

    Thillaisthanan Krishnan, Chicago

  8. Sudhakar Pai March 15, 2009 at - Reply

    what an exciting site and wish you all the best

    Very good work being done

    Sudhakar Pai

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