IAB Report – Nissan asked to withdraw Datsun Go due to its poor safety

Posted on: Nov 7, 2014 - 1:07pm IST

The Go’s body structure is rated as unstable.

Following a crash test conducted by the Global NCAP, Nissan has been asked to withdraw the Datsun Go by the testing agency owing to its poor safety credentials.

Datsun Go Global NCAP crash test
The Go and Maruti Swift scored 0/5 stars even before the test could begin owing to lack of airbags.

The Datsun Go received a zero star rating in the test, but more importantly testers noted that it would be pointless fitting airbags in the hatchback as its body shell was unstable. To quote Global NCAP – “The vehicle structure collapsed” and “high forces placed on the crash test dummies pose a grave risk of death or serious injury”.

Global NCAP Chairman Max Mosley has written to Nissan Chairman and CEO, Carlos Ghosn, calling for an “urgent withdrawal of the Datsun Go from the Indian and related markets.” The Go is sold in Indonesia, and recently South Africa too started selling the low-cost car.

Datsun Go dashboard South Africa press shot
The Global NCAP says its pointless even fitting airbags on the Go as its structure is so weak.

In the press release attached below, Max Mosley says that its extremely disappointing for Nissan to have authorized the launch of a “sub-standard” product. He calls for Nissan to withdraw the model pending an “urgent redesign of the car’s body shell”.

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The Go will fail to pass the United Nation’s frontal impact regulation with its current structure. It is to be noted that a frontal impact test would be mandatory for all cars in India post October 2015.

Global NCAP asks for Datsun Go withdrawal – Press Release

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5 thoughts on “IAB Report – Nissan asked to withdraw Datsun Go due to its poor safety

  1. Nirmal Babu says:

    I have driven the car . And I think it is great, value for money and for the space, economy and the ease of drive and the ride quality. I think it is unfair to withdraw the car now. Nissan should have considered this long before launching the car as this is a new model, and also relaunched a very popular brand known for its build and reliability. Also what is to be noted is that most of the cars (in the entry level segment) will not pass the NCAP test. I think this car should be allowed to stay, as long as there are other cars that have the same flaws are allowed to be sold. Nissan should relaunch the car after the necessary modifications.

    1. Ravishankar says:

      Let me ask you a simple question, do you really think human lives perishing in such a poorly designed car is worthless than money?

  2. Shaji George says:

    This test should have been done before launching the car. Now look at the plight of those who have already bought it. It won’t have resale value too as no one would want to buy it. These automakers are cheating public. Even at this moment of my writing some one is buying a swift somewhere just to be an unsafe person

  3. Arun says:

    i think Nissan is supplying only sub standard products in India. last year they recalled almost 30000 vehicles for brake master cylinder recall. last week they recalled 9000 vehicles for air bag issues. now no safety for datsun.. What the existing Datsun Go customer will do now??? all related to safety issues.. Nissan vehicles having no safety?

  4. Gaurav says:

    Same applies to Tata Nano & Maruti Swift.


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