Report – Maruti Swift, Datsun Go fail NCAP crash tests with Zero Star rating

Posted on: Nov 3, 2014 - 12:38pm IST

Fatal injuries reported for front seat occupant and driver. 

Global NCAP (New Car Assessment Program), which crash tested many made-in-India cars like the Tata Nano, Hyundai i10, Ford Figo and VW Polo last year, have now tested the India-made Maruti Swift and Datsun Go hatchbacks. The results certainly come as a shock.

Datsun Go Global NCAP crash test
The Datsun Go’s body shell disintegrated severely according to the crash test report.

Both cars failed the crash test with a score of 0/5 stars. The cars, amongst India’s most affordable, were tested for a frontal impact with a barrier at a 40 percent offset at a speed of 64 km/h. According to Global NCAP, this replicates the speed and area where most accidents/fatalities take place.

In the case of the Datsun Go, whose top-end variant is devoid of ABS and airbags, testers note that the “car’s body shell disintegrated severely”. The car received 0/5 stars even before it was crashed as it lacked ABS and airbags. The driver and passenger dummies sustained fatal injuries to the head, torso and legs, the report surmises.

Global NCAP tested two variants of the India-made Swift: One that is exported from India to Latin America (which gets ABS and airbags as standard) and one that is sold in India as the Swift LXi (without airbags or ABS).

Maruti Swift Global NCAP crash test
The Indian Swift’s body structure is inferior to that of the European model’s.

Like the Go, the Swift LXi received 0/5 stars even before the test began owing to lack of safety equipment. The Swift with airbags fared better, with a 3/5 rating.

However, in case of both models which are made in India, testers note that the cars’ structural integrity was unstable, which is contrasting to the Swift sold in Europe (manufactured in Hungary) which offers a sturdier structure. The European Swift has also been awarded 5/5 stars by the Euro NCAP, making it a far superior car from the perspective of safety.

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The report reads that the crash test dummies in the India-made Swifts sustained near-fatal injuries, especially the driver.

[Source – NDTV]

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16 thoughts on “Report – Maruti Swift, Datsun Go fail NCAP crash tests with Zero Star rating

  1. subbu says:

    In India the government takes people for granted. Car Models without safety features must be banned from the market. Government needs to give more value to people’s life than the pockets of car makers

  2. Dr. Nayak says:

    I have pointed this out several times in IAB that people from India must refuse to buy these substandard cars and that is the only way things are going to improve. Why any one in their right mind would buy a new car in 2014 without all the safety features is beyond my understanding, considering people refused to buy Nano because it was cheap. It appears that cost is not the issue, but lack of understanding the importance of safety features even in low speed accidents appears to be main factor. This situation is exploited by the manufacturers and they are making good money out of it by incorporating substandard parts and material of construction in the same model that they sell in rest of the world. Government can do few things that can change this, like incorporating safety standards and placing consumer ads to consider safety equipment before one buys an automobile.

  3. Yuvi says:

    Terrible failure on the both vehicles , A pillar frames are collapsing.These cars are not safe. Safety requirements should be part of government homologation. Until then manufacturers will find way to cut cost in every aspect of the car.

  4. ye lo, the favorite hatchback of India is no more safe officially… lol…

  5. GK says:

    We should stop buying products that are nor safe for our families and the government should enforce Crash test requirement for every model sold in india

  6. jay says:

    the cost of airbag is not so much but the companies put them only in the top end variants to push the sale of other features they put in higher variants. Safety is more important than any other features even more important than a power window in rear seat.
    Only Nissan Micra put the airbags in all variants they have. Kudos to Nissan Micra

    1. Abhishek says:

      Even VW Polo has air bags and ABS as standard equipment in all their variants

  7. abuna ventana says:

    make no bad remarks on manufacturers..
    point to our government making no rigid policies.
    if they allow, i will make a car out of paper and sell and make profit..
    safety?? go to hell.. thats the need of the ‘unaware public’ and ‘unconcerned government’..

    1. Abhishek says:

      Sorry, I dont think its only the government to blame… today for many Indians car is a luxury rather than a necessity and what happen Indians need is a cheap mode of transport… adding safety features will make cars more expensive

  8. Code uberinr300free at Uber says:

    This is terrible and should be the lede of the report.
    The European made Swift has a better structure which gets 5/5 NCAP rating while the Indian made Swift even with Airbags and ABS only gets 3/5 due to its compromised structure.
    This is something that should be news and Maruti should be shamed on all forums for taking the safety of Indians for granted.


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