This Bugatti Veyron is actually a Maruti Esteem

Posted on: Feb 9, 2013 - 12:21pm IST

It is such an awesome time to be in the Indian automotive market. We are getting to see so many budding designers coming out with replicas of their favorite supercars to tingle the petrolheads’ imagination.

Buggati Veyron Replica

We have seen a Toyota corolla being converted into a Ferrari 430, we have seen a Tata Safari being converted a Range Rover Evoque, a HM Contessa into a Chevy Camaro and even a Chevrolet Optra being converted into an iconic Mustang Eleanor. But now it is time for the big one!

Buggati Veyron Replica frontBuggati Veyron Replica rear profile

Here we present a Bugatti Veyron, the mightiest of all hypercars, based on a humble Maruti Suzuki Esteem (Suzuki Cultus for our international fans). Personally, this is an awkwardly perfect combination of a car that I love and a car that I own 😉

Buggati Veyron Replica rearBuggati Veyron Replica engine bay

Where the normal Buggati Veyron is powered by a W16, 8L, quad-turbocharged engine which famously has over a 1000 hp, underneath the sheet metal of this rather awkward looking pseudo Veyron beats a humble 1.3L MPFI engine that barely manages 85 bhp.

Buggati Veyron Replica front fascia

If I am honest, this is not a very successful transformation but it’s a flight of imagination and we admire it.

So brownie points for Sf Carz the Custom Car Designers from Hyderabad for the sheer courage of replicating a car that was a ‘Concord moment’ in the automotive industry.

You can check out some more images on their Facebook page or visit their website.

Bugatti Veyron replica – Image Gallery

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15 thoughts on “This Bugatti Veyron is actually a Maruti Esteem

  1. sandy says:

    In the film “TARZAAN, the wonder car”, the car was also based upon Maruti Esteem. It bears aggressive stance of a super car. Now if this Bugatti Veron replica Esteem adapts similar stance, it surely would have made a deep mark.

    1. kiran says:

      tarzan was not made of esteem thats a toyota car just chek dc infidal

  2. Ramesh Narasimhan says:

    Bhagavati Varun…

  3. Ramesh says:

    Good effort but a bad copy. IMO the Safari to Landrover ( the Moonrover!!) was a better job.

  4. Ka says:

    Does SF model have a retracting air-spoiler like the real one for brake assist or will it give stability when Buguti flies into the air 🙂

  5. Faraz Ahmad says:

    what a effort…love it or hate it but its worth mentioning.

  6. sidd says:

    that is a very very bad copy


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