BigDaddyCustoms creates a Chevy Camaro based on a..?

Posted on: Oct 30, 2012 - 9:05am IST

The boys at BigDaddyCustoms are on the front page again, impressing us with yet another custom creation.

BigDaddyCustoms Dark Knight frontBigDaddyCustoms Dark Knight rear

After presenting replicas of a Ford Mustang Eleanor and a Range Rover Evoque, the talented chaps have brought forward a Chevrolet Camaro replica based on the ‘Indian Muscle Car.’

That’s right, we’re talking about the HM Contessa!

BigDaddyCustoms Dark KnightBigDaddyCustoms Dark Knight

The HM Contessa is the most revered car in the Indian automotive scene. For our international audience, the HM Contessa is a GM Vauxhall Victor FE which was licensed to Indian auto maker Hindustan Motors so that it can be sold in India. It may look like a muscle car but it ain’t got no small block Chevy. It has a 1.8L Isuzu engine which generates a modest 75 horsepower.

BigDaddyCustoms Dark Knight grillBigDaddyCustoms Dark Knight tail lamps

The custom Contessa project is christened as ‘The Dark Knight’. BigDaddyCustoms tells us that the custom job includes –

  • Horizontal spokes muscle grille
  • Electric shutter operated headlamps
  • Double barrel hood air dam
  • Fender air vents
  • Retro door mirrors
  • Trunk spoiler
  • LED tail lamps
  • Rear garnish bazel
  • Retro rear bumper
  • Wide tyres on original matt black rims with nickeled caps
  • Rubber-free, silicon-pasted front and rear windscreens
  • Interiors finished in black matte and brushed grey cotswool
  • Free flow exhaust system

Head to BigDaddyCustoms Facebook page to see some more images of the Dark Knight and please show them some appreciation.

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6 thoughts on “BigDaddyCustoms creates a Chevy Camaro based on a..?

  1. Nirmal Kumar says:

    Hi I have 1997 model contessa, I would like to modify my car like yours, how much cost u spend and how long it will take to complete.

  2. sri says:

    I’am ready to give my Maruthi 800 to see some output with a sporty Razer looks on that small razer !! is BigDaddycustoms ready to pick ??

  3. Suhail Sood says:

    No free flow exhaust in the pic

    1. Try their facebook gallery. There are many more pics there 🙂

  4. THIRUMAL says:

    great effort ….

  5. michael says:

    excellent work ! fr and rear look good. Rear hind quarter looks a bit like the donor contessa. Overall nice effort.


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