Mahindra to enter small car segment by 2013 with 3 products

Posted on: Jun 12, 2010 - 5:57am IST

mahindra small car speculation

Mahindra and Mahindra, after tasting success in selling its utility vehicles in the urban market, may soon foray into the small car business, reports NDTV Profit. Mahindra is planning to invest around Rs. 1000 crore to expand its automobile business into the small car segment.

The small car segment contributes to over 70% of the passenger cars sold in India. Mahindra may be just planning to spoil the exploits of Maruti, Tata and Hyundai, who are the main players in this segment.

The new small cars, internally codenamed S101, S102 and S103, would be completely built on an all new platform. These small cars could be priced between Rs 2 lakhs to 5 lakhs. Mahindra is planning to introduce these small cars by 2013-14.

According to sources, Mahindra and Mahindra has roped in the renowned Italian design studio, Stile Bertone, to design the looks of the car. This comes as a huge relief to us, as we wouldn’t have the strength to tolerate seeing a small car penned by Mahindra’s in-house designers.

Stile Bertone helped Mahindra with the preliminary design of the Xylo.

Mahindra would mainly be targeting its arch rival Tata Motors, which is doing extremely well in the small car segment.

Mahindra is all set to enter the compact car segment with its mini-Xylo SUV soon, which is currently being tested. The response to this car might have a considerable effect on the Mahindra’s small car approach. Mahindra could also develop a new range of small, frugal petrol and diesel engines for the new small cars.

With Mahindra taking over Maini , can we also expect Mahindra badged electric cars, as Mahindra usually utilizes all the possible options when it comes to making automobiles?

Source: NDTV Profit

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15 thoughts on “Mahindra to enter small car segment by 2013 with 3 products

  1. RAJESH says:

    This is so Cute Vehicle

  2. syed yusuf says:

    in interested in this car kindly send some photos

  3. Arun says:

    Saw this mini M&M today on my way to office.. near Agara Junction… So they are all set to screw the mini car players Maruthi, TATA, Hyundai.. Good luck M&M.

    I personally feel that this might not affect Hyundai or Maruthi for some extent… So all the best NANO…

    1. Mohammed says:

      Funny. M&M needs to sort out their engineering department before they venture into this segment. The XUV, a 16 lac vehicle after a year in the market has life threatening issues related to brakes, clutch ??? Forget the electricals, which has gone horribly wrong and the constant niggles makes M&M the most unreliable manufacturer for family use. I say this basis my extensive research and tests on Xylo for close to a year and finally ended up buying an Innova.

      The Mahindra scooters have been plagued by serious engineering issues throughout and hardly sells. As per Anand Mahindra, they might soon exit the scooter biz as well truck biz (Mahindra Navistar). M&M is a progressive company, but they believe in making noises than creating solid products. Anyways, good luck.

    2. Deepu says:

      Arun – Is it a Yellow one? I saw that in Madiwala one week back. Couldnt see the front portion but it looked awesome…

  4. srinivas says:

    I appreciate mahindra and any other company who bring small cars in to indian market as it serves society as a whole by enabling more and more people to afford to buy a car and also helps to reduce fuel consumption.I would also appreciate if mahindra can bring down the price of REVA electric car to reach common man and reduce the pollution.

  5. gopal s barad says:

    new small cars in india.

  6. I am interested to see that ‘M & M’ entered in small car segment within a year or two. I am very much interested to purchase one small car of Mahindra. Please mail me some photos of small cars which are to be projected in the market in near future.


    Dear Sir,
    TUMSAR 19.10.2010


    It is a matter of high appreciation that
    Mahindra & Mahindra like reputed auto group is shortly gong to launch small car. In fact it is the essential most urgent need of hour,particularly when INDIAN ECONOMY is growing very fastly.
    By this opportunity I wish to suggest to The MAHINDRA MD
    (car Project} one good name of the said small car,and name must come on every leaps and bounds not only in INDIA but all over
    the WORLD.Please send me the related email address or fax or mobile contact.



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