The Fiat Uno is a pretty old car and it continues to sell in Brazil even today if you didn’t know. What we are talking about here is its latest iteration. A probable next generation Fiat Uno which will be revealed later in the year has been rendered.

This new small car has compact dimensions (3.50 meters long and 1.50 high) making it a perfect candidate to sit below the Fiat 500 in Europe. The backbone of the project is low cost engineering, and similar to Ford’s low cost car or Hyundai’s $3000 car, this Fiat will sell globally.

Details are still sketchy at this point. If you remember, we reported last year on a low cost Fiat car which could happen with Tata Motors and whether this car will be related to it in any way, isn’t known.

Fiat also announced that it will use Indian parts suppliers for the Fiat small project to control costs when it rolls out of Ranjangoan in 2010.

We’ll keep a close eye and sort this out for you. Stay tuned to IAB.

Image SourceMundo Auto Motor

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  • Deborah

    Hi Jaz I’m a dudette,

    yup good you posted it, I myself did not know this was out.

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  • Dave

    The Splash was jointly designed by Fiat, Opel and Suzuki. So, all three have equal rights over the design and the platform.

    Same is the case with Suzuki SX4 which shares its design and platform with Fiat Sedici.

    In every case, Suzuki launches their car first to grab leadership!

  • Jaz

    @fasi- Yeah dude it is the Splash, but the rear looks very different

    @Deborah- Yeah there are a lot of giveaways! I thought our readers will find it interesting, hence I posted it :-)

  • Deborah

    Hey this is the Suzuki Splash/Opel Agila version for Fiat.

    Its obvious too look at the A,B, and C pillar.
    Face lifts are easy but changing these is expensive.
    THe roof panel and the bonnet near the windscreen too is a giveaway.

  • http://www.fasblog.com/ Car Blog

    The front looks like a cut, copy and paste job of the Suzuki Splash :!