India-spec 2016 Renault Duster (facelift) front-end spotted – Spied

Posted on: Sep 7, 2015 - 11:42am IST

Rumored to get a 6-speed dual clutch automatic.

The 2016 Renault Duster (facelift) has been caught testing in Chennai, courtesy of Team-BHP reader Rahul, who also managed to capture the front-end of the model for the first time.

2016 Renault Duster front end spotted in Chennai
The 2016 Renault Duster appears to feature a single slat grille housing a large Renault lozenge, and new headlight clusters.

Judging by the spyshot, the 2016 Renault Duster will drop the multi-slat chrome grille for a single slat grille housing a large Renault lozenge, which is similar to the Brazilian-spec 2015 Renault Duster. The headlamp also appears to feature the new cluster seen in its Brazilian counterpart.

Previous spyshots have indicated that the 2016 Renault Duster will get new taillight cluster, and larger alloy rims in the top-spec variant. The interior is expected to be slightly tweaked, which was last updated in the 2015 Renault Duster. As for equipment, it could continue offering Renault’s 7 inch MediaNAV infotainment display, Bluetooth telephony, and cruise control.

2015 Renault Duster facelift front Brazil
Changes to the front-end seem to be similar to the Brazilian-spec Renault Duster.

The 2016 Renault Duster is likely to retain the current engine lineup, which includes the 1.5-liter dCi diesel engine available in two power outputs: 85 PS and 110 PS. Other than the 5-speed and 6-speed manual gearboxes, a report claimed that Renault may offer a 6-speed dual-clutch EDC automatic transmission, given the increasing demand for diesel automatic. An AWD system with independent suspension will be exclusive to the range-topping trim.

2016 Renault Duster rear spotted in Chennai
The 2016 Renault Duster will get new taillight cluster, and larger alloy rims in the top-spec variant.

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Renault could introduce the facelifted 2016 Renault Duster towards the end of 2015. It’s unclear if Nissan is working on a facelift for the Duster’s Japanese brother, the Nissan Terrano.

2016 Renault Duster – Image Gallery

2015 Renault Duster (Facelift) Brazilian-spec – Image Gallery

[Source: Team BHP]

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One thought on “India-spec 2016 Renault Duster (facelift) front-end spotted – Spied

  1. Amol Salunke says:

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