Maruti S-Cross vs Renault Duster vs Mahindra Scorpio – Comparo

Posted on: Jul 7, 2015 - 5:57pm IST

The soon-to-launch Maruti S-Cross will compete with the likes of the Renault Duster, Hyundai Creta and the Mahindra Scorpio on price. As Hyundai are yet release the detailed technical specifications of the Creta, this comparo only sees the Scorpio and Duster against the S-Cross.


Maruti S-Cross vs Renault Duster vs Mahindra Scorpio comparo

Naturally the Scorpio has the advantage here, but one would be surprised by how much the other two come close. In terms of overall length, the S-Cross and Duster are 10-15 cm shorter than the Scorpio, whereas in width, the Duster is the widest of the lot. Even in wheelbase, the Scorpio manages to outdo the Duster by a mere 7 mm.

The Scorpio also has the highest ground clearance at 210 mm, while its boot capacity at 475 liters matches that of the Duster 2WD. The S-Cross has a 353 liter boot and a 180 mm ground clearance.


2015 Maruti S-Cross front three quarter press image
The S-Cross features class-leading torque and fuel efficiency.

On displacement, the Scorpio has the largest engine at 2.2-liters (a base model with a 2.5-liter engine is also offered), while the S-Cross gets 1.3- and 1.6-liter Fiat-sourced units, and the Duster gets the 1.5-liter dCi in two states of tune. The 1.6-liter unit of the S-Cross matches the Scorpio’s power output, and gives the crossover a class-leading torque of 320 Nm.

While top-end variants of the S-Cross and Duster get a 6-speed manual transmission, the Scorpio makes do with a 5-speed gearbox. Between the Duster and S-Cross, its the latter which sports a higher power-weight ratio thanks to a lighter kerb weight.

The lightweight also helps the S-Cross with a class-leading efficiency, be it the 1.3- or 1.6-liter model. The Scorpio, which is the only ladder-on-frame SUV here, has the lowest efficiency of 15.37 km/l.


2015 Maruti S-Cross side press image
The 1.6L variant of the S-Cross has a localization of only 67 percent.

The Duster and Scorpio are similarly priced: Both start in the region of INR 9 lakhs for the base variant and extend up to 13.62 and 13.55 lakhs respectively for the AWD variant. The S-Cross though will come only with a front-wheel drive layout, and is expected to be priced along these lines. However, the imported 1.6-liter diesel engine could prove to be expensive for Maruti to undercut rivals.

Maruti S-Cross – Image Gallery

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3 thoughts on “Maruti S-Cross vs Renault Duster vs Mahindra Scorpio – Comparo

  1. Rohit Singh says:

    thanks for the information you did a great job. i think so S cross is a beautiful car. i think so you have more describe about its looks compere. you have describe about duster and scorpio’s specification.

  2. Naresh Khanna says:

    If you compare the duster AWD with scorpio and S cross, it will be a better comparison, although 2WD is also not far behind. AWD boasts a lot more features though it costs a little more than the 2WD but the costing is worth it.

  3. Matthew James RD says:

    I was waiting for the S cross and Creta to decide which one to buy but both of them seem to be overpriced. S cross though the prices are not clear is speculated to be on these lines without 4WD and it does look a tad bit boring than the duster or the creta. I am not ready to pay for the top end creta because it is way too high and the lower versions are not as meaty as the top end variants, and they do not still have the 4WD. I would rather buy the duster awd, which I might actually do. Thanks for all the informative articles, comparisons and specs you provide indianautosblog. Helps a lot to at least find the right way towards making a decision.


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