Renault Kwid AMT confirmed for India, ABS for global markets – IAB Report

Posted on: May 20, 2015 - 4:37pm IST

Kwid’s launch in India is the first step.

On the sidelines of the Renault Kwid global unveil in Chennai, Gerard Detourbet, Alliance Global Vice President, Alliance A-Segment Development Unit, spoke to about future features that one can expect on the Renault Kwid.

Renault Kwid side profile India unveiling
The CMF-A platform is a “worldwide platform” and features like ABS and ESP can be integrated into it, if required by the market.

When asked about an Automated Manual Transmission, he said –

You will see the AMT (on the Kwid), we are working on it.

Detourbet said ABS would not come on the Indian specification (which will offer driver airbag as an optional extra) but as the car is designed for global markets, it can be spec-ed up based on the legislation or demand –

The (CMF-A) platform is a worldwide platform, and we can do a lot of things with it. We can introduce ABS. The primary question is are we able to sell it? So it is the reason why we have not introduced ABS for this platform (in India), but it is feasible. If you want to sell it in South America, ABS is mandatory. So you should be able to do that, the platform should be able to do that. But today it is not in sight because we believe that not a lot of people are ready to pay extra for ABS.

Renault Kwid interior press image
The Renault Kwid will be launched in India in the September-November period for a price of INR 3-4 lakhs.

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He said when he started work on the car, his objective was to create a worldwide platform able to fit to a lot of regulations of different countries, and the launch in India is the first step.

Renault Kwid – Image Gallery

Renault Kwid Interior – Image Gallery

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2 thoughts on “Renault Kwid AMT confirmed for India, ABS for global markets – IAB Report

  1. Mubin Khan says:

    They might think about bringing ABS once they are sure that kwid has a good customer base. No harm in waiting for a facelife and next gen Kwid, is there?

  2. RSR says:

    Sad to hear this statement that abs, esp are not offered. Anyway we have safest car possible for lowest price with ford figo aspire, thanks to ford!!


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