Report – Bajaj Chetak comeback expected at Auto Expo 2016

Posted on: Mar 14, 2015 - 6:15pm IST

Could be powered by a 125-150 cc four-stroke engine.

After rejecting plans to launch a scooter in recent years, Bajaj is attempting to turn the clock back by introducing the much-loved Bajaj Chetak back into the market, reports Autocar India.

Bajaj Pulsar 200SS at the Eurasia Moto Bike Expo 2015
Despite the Pulsar line proving to be a runaway success, Bajaj’s sales have been dipping considerably of late.

Bajaj has been successful in inciting interest through their Pulsar and Discover range of motorcycles, not to mention the exciting range of KTM bikes that has been available for a few years now. However, the company’s sales had been slipping steadily, by around 20 percent in February 2015 compared to February 2014. The talks over the last few years have all been about how Bajaj will not re-enter the scooter market.

That said, it seems like Bajaj has finally seen the potential of the scooter market in India, as the company’s competition – new and old – have repeatedly shown over the last few years. The upcoming Bajaj Chetak could very well be a gearless machine, to go with the current trends of the Vespa and the like.

Vespa Elegante white
Like the Vespa, the reborn Chetak could be a gearless machine in tune with today’s customer needs.

Reports state that the new-generation Bajaj Chetak could be seen as early as the Auto Expo 2016. Fans and interested buyers can expect retro styling delivered in a way that would highlight the Chetak’s old-age charm in a contemporary package. A four-stroke, single-cylinder 125-150cc engine could be on offer, using multiple spark plugs and technologies cascading from its motorcycle range.

Bajaj Pulsar 400 SS – Image Gallery (Unrelated)

Bajaj Pulsar CS 400 – Image Gallery (Unrelated)

[Source – Autocar India]

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7 thoughts on “Report – Bajaj Chetak comeback expected at Auto Expo 2016

  1. manthan says:

    i think indian scooter market is higher then bikes market even its a multi useable in home thats y peaple like to bye none gear, i just guess if the bajaj makes scooter like activa n jupiter it wl be great selling for bajaj,(jo dikhta hay wo bikata hay) i mean ppl always go for looks ,,,,,, i really wish to buy new chetak ..just wanna say bajaj that make sure abt the design of scooter n average it wl take u higher selling of new chetak,,,,
    good luck in advance

  2. lakshya says:

    The vespa scooters are not successful in India because price is so much but LML scooters were successful because price and mileage under 40000 thousand will the price and 45 to 50 it will gave the mileage so pls u also manufacture the old version of the scooters

  3. lakshya says:

    I will also request u to make the old version of scooters like in year 2003 to 2005 these engines are successful in India. these engines will give mileage also better performance and no maintenance. the public were demand also these scooters not the scooty type scooters these are successful scooters of bajaj

  4. lakshya says:

    bajaj chetak come again is good. But the old model of chetak will be better than the New generation scooters because in bajaj chetak the 2 stroke engines were successful in India not the scooty type scooters so I will request u to think about it make the better scooters

  5. PC says:

    My guess is that this is a false start.. Given the conviction that they have avoided the scooter market.. i be surprised if this story plays out as expected. Scooter would be a very low margin business for them now. The management of Bajaj Auto is hugely profit focussed ! As a business that does matter, The jury is out on which strategy is right ! Only time will tell !.

    1. Dr. Nayak says:

      Who said the scooter market is the one with low margins? Scooters are making more money than 100 cc motorcycles. Just because you don’t see big bottom line for Honda and other Japanese two wheeler companies, as they predominantly produce scooters; you have neglected the money transferred to the parent company with imported components [so called proprietary critical electronic parts (aka:mass produced Chinese junk) that can’t be produced in India] at an astronomical price. As Gustave Flaubert, often quoted, ‘Le bon Dieu est dans le detail’ (God/devil is in the details).

  6. Dr. Nayak says:

    This clearly shows how the CEO was out of touch as far as Indian auto market is concerned. When you fill the important positions in the company with people that never had a real job in life this is what you get. Get rid of the dynasty based governance once for all in the Indian corporate and political system.


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