Tata AIRPod, the car that runs on air, expected to launch in Hawaii this year – Report

Posted on: Feb 11, 2015 - 8:58pm IST

Expected to boast a range 200 km on a full tank of compressed air.

Remember the Tata Motors’ car that was said to run on air, and exhale nothing but air? The Blue-Sky project that kickstarted in 2012 is still very much alive, and the AIRPod is expected in the second half of this year in Hawaii, reports Business Standard.

Tata MDI Airpod
The car will have enough space to seat three adults and a baby. (Image unrelated to the production version.)

To be made in collaboration with the French company MDI (Motor Development International), the vehicle will have enough space to seat three adults and a baby, will boast a range of 200 km on a full tank of compressed air, and reach speeds up to 80 km/h.

As previously reported, this is a 2-phase project, where the first phase involves proofing of the concept, while the second will see the two companies working together in developing the tech and producing the car.

In place of a conventional steering wheel, the car will get a joystick, while Tata Motors is also said to focus on the connectivity systems. It won’t be wrong to assume that Tata Motors will seek help from Tata Elxsi, which showcased future automotive tech at this year’s CES.

MDI proposed cars that run on compressed air
Tata Motors collaborated with French company MDI for the project.

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Tata is expected to launch the vehicle in Hawaii, USA, in the second half of this year. Vehicles will be sold through the US franchise Zero Pollution Motors. Currently there appears to be no plans for an Indian launch.

Tata ConnectNext Concept – Image Gallery (Unrelated)

[Source – Business Standard]

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6 thoughts on “Tata AIRPod, the car that runs on air, expected to launch in Hawaii this year – Report

  1. Aditya Ingale says:

    As per my understanding MDI has collborated with Different vendors for different courntries. So I dont think TATA is going to introduce this vehicle in Hawaii, USA. It should be some different vendor. Guess TATA has license only for India.

    1. Dr. Nayak says:

      As Tata is doing most of the work they have more rights than just sell in India. It will be a joint
      development and not just MDI. The original concept and the development actually did come from MDI almost 10 years back and did not see light of the day until Tata came on board.

  2. LucAdriaenssen says:

    Here is the reality: the compressed-air engine technology, as developed by MDI from Luxemburg-France, was licenced in exclusivity by Tata Motors for the sole Indian territory.

    So, exit the USA-Hawai launch rumours.

    Once the bench tests are finished, as to establish the phenomenal efficiency of this engine-technology, it will be mounted on a …. car for initial road tests.

    For the official information by TML please goto http://www.mdi.lu/2014%20actualite.php

  3. Ramish says:

    Wow!!! Launch a Nano with this technology in India and I (& probably millions more) will be happy to pay 2.5 times the current Nano price.
    In fact government must encourage & offer subsidy to TATA motors for bringing this car to India and thus reduce oil import bills (don’t be afraid of oil lobby).

  4. Dr. Nayak says:

    far as I know Hawaii is still in America. The article should say “introduce the
    product in USA “which is a big deal for a company like Tata, which has zero presence
    (under Tata brand and not JLR) in the automotive sector of USA.

  5. Govind A Nair says:

    Tata Motors kudoos for ur fantastic futuristicefforts ????


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