Brazil – Renault to launch Sandero RS hot-hatch in early 2015

Posted on: Nov 13, 2014 - 4:15pm IST

It could do 0-100 km/h in 9 seconds. 

The Renault Sandero which starts out life as a Dacia Sandero isn’t really what one would associate with words like ‘Sporty’, or even ‘hot-hatch’.

Renault Sandero RS rendering
Renault has already started testing the Sandero RS in Brazil.

However, Renault in Brazil is planning a Sandero RS, and has even started road tests of the performance oriented hatchback. Seen here are artist renderings of what it might look like.

The Sandero RS will get new bumpers with aggressively designed air inlets and foglight enclosures, a larger honeycomb grille in matte black, large alloy wheels with thin profile tyres, a reduced ride height and a dual exhaust system. To increase the sporty aspect of the car, bright colors such as Yellow and Red could be introduced with a black carbon-like wrap for the wing mirror covers.

The Sandero RS would also have a more powerful engine to match the show, says the publication. Renault could either introduce a 2.0-liter 16v engine or a 1.6-liter 16v engine, which is also found on the Duster.

Renault Sandero RS rendering rear
The RS will be powered by a 16v engine, either a 1.6L or a 2.0L.

Currently, the most powerful Sandero in Brazil uses a 1.6-liter 8v engine developing 98 hp. The 1.6L 16v engine could add a further 30 hp, says the publication.

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Renault would be targeting a 0-100 km/h time of 9 seconds, as the Sandero RS would weigh just about 1,000 kg. The Sandero RS would be priced at 50,000 Reals (INR 12 lakhs).

Competitor: Fiat Punto Sporting
Expected Price: INR 12 lakhs
Launch date in Brazil: H1 2015

Dacia Sandero Black Touch – Image Gallery (Unrelated)

[Source – RevistaAutoEsporte]

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5 thoughts on “Brazil – Renault to launch Sandero RS hot-hatch in early 2015

  1. chato práca says:

    Dear petrolheads from India. On the first generation of Sandero and Logan on Brazil ( badged Renault) we had the old F4K 1.6 16 valves with 110 hp. I don´t believe that Renault return to it. A 1.6 engine used by Nissa Versa here on Brazil could be used ( both use the same platform) but I put my tools on the old F4R, a very well tested and reliable engine. The same engine used on 4×4 Dusters and on the recent descontinued Fluence GT, on a turbo version.
    I believe that will be a 135 – 150 hp version. Enough to be a treat to local competitiors on the same price range ( Fiat Palio R with a 1.6 112 hp, Fiat Punto 1.8 Sporting with a 1.8 132 hp, Fiat Punto 1.4 Tjet with a turbo 1.4 of 152 cv, Suzuki Swift sport, with a 1.6 140 cv, Ford Fiesta with a 130 cv 1.6 engine.)

    If Renault Sport define a 168 hp ( the same used by Clio RS 172), maybe the DS3, Golf 1.4 and Focus 2.0 could be challenged. Maybe Peugeot could back with the 208 GT ( a downscale GTi, to Brazil, with only 165 hp)

    I´so excited with the return of real hot ( for European guys, warm) hatches. I hate this SUV trend………

  2. Parth says:

    Anjan Ravi – you are doing great job at coming up with auto news, but to be honest Indians don’t care about Chinese and Brazilian Auto industry. They get way different cars thn what we get in India. Ford ecosport was an exception. 😛

    1. Hello Parth, thanks for the feedback. We are trying to get a lot of news from India, but the industry here is a bit slow at the moment as all launches are complete. However when the industry picks up, we will keep overseas reportage to the minimal. We also see that 50 percent of our traffic is from overseas and these readers like to be shown cars from these kind of countries.

  3. Ganesh says:

    And these idiots keep changing the face / bumper and launch the re-badged crap in India!?!? Good strategy jokers!!

  4. Duston says:

    Smells like datsun go ! Is it so Anjan Ravi ?


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