Rendering – 2016 Jaguar XF to be bigger and lighter

Posted on: Nov 15, 2014 - 1:30pm IST

Rumored to shed as much as 100 kg.

Auto Express reports that the 2016 Jaguar XF could see the light of the day earlier than expected. The next gen luxury sedan is expected to be unveiled in the Spring of 2015 (March – May) before going on sale later in the year.

2016 Jaguar XF rendering front three quarter
The new XF will be based on the stretched version of the XE’s iQ aluminium-intensive architecture.

Here are a set of renderings of the upcoming XF based on inputs from the publication’s sources. Like the newly unveiled XE entry level sedan, the new XF sports a squared off and more upright grille, revised headlamps and an aggressive bumper.

The profile would see an increase in the overall length and a chrome embellishment on the front fenders. New taillights inspired by the F-Type, a more accentuated boot lid spoiler (integrated) and a revised bumper are the expected changes at the rear.

The interior will undergo significant reskinning and an equipment upgrade. The new Incontrol infotainment system and Head Up Display that debuted in the XE will be carried over.

2016 Jaguar XF rendering rear three quarter
Numerous design cues would come from the smaller XE.

Under the skin, the 5 Series rival will be underpinned by a stretched version of the XE’s iQ platform which uses aluminium extensively. The new architecture is said to make the car lighter by up to 100 kg despite the increased dimensions.

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The Ingenium range of 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines will be on offer, driving the rear wheels. The AWD system and the ‘S’-spec V6 motor would be made available at a later stage.

2016 Jaguar XF – Rendering Gallery

[Renderings from AutoExpress]

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3 thoughts on “Rendering – 2016 Jaguar XF to be bigger and lighter

  1. Dr. Nayak says:

    No matter what you think you can’t change the reality. Just goto one of the dealership and feel the experience where there is competition from other EU brands. If you don’t have resources just visit a dealership on the net that gives you the current inventory and pricing info( I’m sure you can do that if you have access to high speed internet).

    1. JIJIN JAYARAJ says:

      You are a funny man πŸ™‚
      I’ll tell you why.
      You went to *A* dealership( you mentioned “visited JLR showroom” and not showrooms) and you did not see much foot fall hence you concluded that the whole company is doomed?
      – A showroom is not representative of every other showrooms in the world.
      – You could walk into any Maruti Suzuki showroom in India and see a crowd on any day of the year. That does not mean you can conclude that it is the same scenario everywhere and Suzuki dominates the world.
      – Even if your showroom can be considered as a representative model for all JLR showrooms worldwide, you simply can’t correlate what you saw to what is really happening. Why? because irrespective of your “resources” i’m pretty sure you have’t spent the whole day in the JLR dealership. Have you? What if you went at a time when the customers usually do not visit?

      Basically, you’ve taken a few observations and assumed a whole load of other things and said that the company is doomed, bloated, hyped and what not! πŸ™‚

      FYI, I am working in a dealership that is the sole distributors for Mazda, Aston Martin, MAN, Peugeot and formerly Mercury and KIA. I have considerable contacts within the local automotive dealer businesses over here. For example, The dealers who sell JLR products here and the same as who sells BMW,MINI and Rolls Royce.

      From my conversations with my friends over there it is pretty evident that the sales of JLR products are exceptionally high compared to the sales just 5 years ago. The newer product lines are doing a great job. The Range Rover Sport sells way more than the BMW X5 and competes with the sales of Cayenne.

      As I mentioned in that previous conversation of ours, JLR’s cumulative sales don’t even reach half a million units. While BMW/Mercedes/Audi etc sell around 1.5 million each but the important thing to note is that JLR is growing much faster than all these three marques.

      So, irrespective of your prejudiced opinions. I am pretty sure JLR is on the right track and will give the German marques the proverbial “run for their money” in the coming years.

  2. Dr. Nayak says:

    Visited JLR showroom to find out about the new cars and
    their availability, as JLR has it has announced several new plants (China,
    Brazil and US) with capacity increase of close to 350,000 units on an annual
    bases. It is shocking to report you guys that all the models are readily
    available with no backlog. All the available models were in stock with plenty
    of choice in color/options. Foot traffic was almost nil on a busy weekend for
    one of the largest JLR dealer in the world. What is amazing is that the dealer
    offered not only 1.9 % interest rate for 60 months on 2014 and all new 2015
    models, and discounts in double digit percentages. I am still getting calls
    from them to come and test drive. Just watch out for this bloated company with
    lot of hype before it collapses on its own weight.


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