Indonesia – New top-end Toyota Avanza ‘Luxury’ variants introduced

Posted on: Jun 3, 2014 - 10:25am IST

Feeling the heat from new launches such as the Honda Mobilio and Suzuki Ertiga that are doing exceedingly well, Toyota Indonesia introduced two variants of the Avanza yesterday that will sit at the very top of the ladder, to bring them better margins and build the brand image of the Avanza.

Toyota Avanza Veloz Luxury

Based on the current ‘Veloz’ top-end variant, when viewed from the exterior, there is no difference in the way the Toyota Avanza Veloz Luxury looks.

Toyota Avanza Veloz Luxury front

In the cabin, the Toyota Avanza Veloz Luxury is distinguished with a black dashboard to give an impression of luxury. Rear passengers get a roof-mounted 10-inch monitor that plays DVD.

The Veloz Luxury is priced at Rp. 198.2 million (INR 9.91 lakh) and the automatic variant is priced at Rp. 209.7 million (INR 10.49 lakh).

Toyota Avanza G Luxury

The Avanza G Luxury is based on the ‘Type G’ variant and comes with 1,300 cc and 1,500 cc engine options. The differences are in a new body kit and a dual-tone interior.

Toyota Avanza Luxury front

The car receives a body kit which endows it with extensions to the front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper as well as a door finisher. The interior gets a dual tone layout.

The Avanza G Luxury is priced at Rp. 184.6 million (INR 9.23 lakh) for the manual variant, Rp. 195.3 million (INR 9.77 lakh) for automatic variant and Rp. 191.6 million (INR 9.58 lakh) for the 1.5L (manual) variant.

Toyota will not launch the current generation Avanza in India, which is sold in other Asian markets without a diesel engine option.

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5 thoughts on “Indonesia – New top-end Toyota Avanza ‘Luxury’ variants introduced

  1. Bhagavathy Padmanabhan says:

    do not worry…when UAE and Malaysia/Singapore/Thailand fed up with Avanza and becomes outdated there, Toyota will announce the launch in India. This is how it happened for all its earlier models. For Toyota Indian market is the last when the world markets consider the model no more in fashion….when quallis was introduced , it was already a dying model in Thailand etc….please take the clue from this….

  2. Indonesian says:

    Indonesians rather bored with the avanza. But amazingly it still sells much.

  3. Shreyas says:

    Toyota should consider this to Indian market, this can be answer to Honda Mobilio and Suzuki Ertiga, Indian’s would love to have this product in India as soon as possible……Toyota please get this product.

  4. frazer vaz says:

    yes i totally agree with you jatin. toyota should now consider this front look of the avanza to the ageing rather shabby innova.

  5. jatin says:

    It looks so much better than what we get in our market…..Toyota messed up the front looks of the innova and it now resembles a toothless walrus and a swine combined…..


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