Report – India-made Ford EcoSport gets 300 different parts & stronger structure for Europe

Posted on: Apr 10, 2014 - 11:45am IST

The made-in-India Ford EcoSport will begin deliveries in Europe starting from June this year. Naturally, one can expect the EcoSport to sport a few changes for Europe: shifting the steering to the left side, offering airbags and ABS as standard, etc.

Front three quarter of the Ford EcoSport
The EcoSport had its European premiere at the Geneva Motor Show last year, following which the car was also shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Startlingly, Ford India have made a whopping 300 changes in the EcoSport meant for Europe, as compared to the car sold in India. Nick Fitzgerald, the EcoSport’s chief program engineer, told AutoNews that the EcoSport for Europe is different in more than 300 parts from the car seen on Indian roads.

These 300 parts include much more than upgraded trim and plastic components. Even the body-in-white (term used for a car just after key components have been welded together) of the European EcoSport has a stronger structure than the Indian car, even though both specifications are manufactured at the same plant.

Ford EcoSport NCAP test press shot
The EcoSport was awarded 4/5 starts in the Euro NCAP crash test.

Presumably, the stronger structure will help towards the EcoSport’s NCAP safety rating. When the car was crash tested in November last year, it failed to get a 5-star rating and was awarded only 4 stars.

Like the Indian market, the EcoSport will not benefit from a 4WD system even for markets like Switzerland. Ford will sell the crossover with front wheel drive only and would target urban dwellers in the 30-45 years age category.

[Source – AutoNews]

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15 thoughts on “Report – India-made Ford EcoSport gets 300 different parts & stronger structure for Europe

  1. sandhu says:

    Ford is definitely being unfair to the Indian market
    Not only did it increase price of the ecosport twice or thrice in the past year, it is also not passing on excise benefits it received in this budget. The post excise price has just gone down by 6000 in the petrol version

    1. Dr. Nayak says:

      All Indians have a choice; don’t buy it. They will offer 1L discount on all of them next year!

  2. Dr. Nayak says:

    Unfortunately most of Indians don’t understand the economy 101. It costs more to produce a car that is compliant with EU and US standards and that is the fact. If you have to compete in a market with no standards how can you make a Benz and sell at Kia price? Ford is doing the right thing and we the people are at fault for having a government with little or not standards to talk about. We don’t have to go as far as the cars just walk the street you quickly realize this is no EU.

  3. Gettopool says:

    majority of the buyers in India are fooled by Foreign car makers, they think buying a foreign brand car means they get the same international quality. all cars are made for India keeping cost as the scope. Every part of the car component is compromised to keep the cost low with keep a higher profit margins based on brand value. This is how consumers will be treated until they realize in there home grown products and technologies.

  4. Carguy says:

    Even the current models of Ford Ecosport sold in India should definitely be structurally much stronger than the Japanese/Korean sub 4 meter tin boxes. The failure of the Indian government to enforce safety norms similar to what exists in the USA and Europe and the reluctance of customers to pay for the optional safety features are to be blamed, not the manufacturers.

  5. Dmitry says:

    This called business and nothing personal. Nobody in India will buy any European spec car simply because it will be priced 2 times more than Indian spec. Safety is very costly. Indians want to have nice shiny “aggressively priced” car with forein badge for small money. For example, in Russia Suzuki Swift costs 2 times more than Indian Maruti Swift. Why? Because it has bigger more powerful engine, automatic gearbox, 7 (!) airbags, optional 4-wheel drive, etc, etc, etc. Who in India will buy Swift for 10+ lakh?

  6. sandeep says:

    Look at fords hypocrisy……arrogance…..they twice increased the rates .created artificial shortage by promoting export short-changed us first siphoning of specifications … come the bombshell ..have used less then standard/safety for us ascopared to europians…No way I shall ever buy a ford!

  7. J.S says:

    This is the most shrewd automobile manufacturer one has ever seen, though being extremely high on demand ford ecosport’s are not delivered to indian customers in numbers inspite of manufactured in india,however they are exported in huge numbers instead for foreign customers to make huge profits per vehicle, what an irony.
    and now this report” 300 diff parts and stronger structure for europe” oh is it …..what happened to Ford’s “One Ford Global Strategy ” by the way !

  8. Navin says:

    This is very disturbing. Even if our silly govt cant enforce stricter safety norms, is Ford trying to say that Indian lives are not as valuable as European lives and that chances can be taken with ours?


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