India-made Ford EcoSport fails to get a 5-star in Euro NCAP crash test

Posted on: Nov 28, 2013 - 9:38am IST

Euro NCAP have just crash tested the Ford EcoSport (the EcoSport for Europe will be shipped from Ford India’s manufacturing plant in Chennai) and the results are out: The EcoSport was awarded 4/5 stars.

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We went through Euro NCAP’s report on the crash test to understand what contributed to the missing star, and the main reason seems to be the poor pedestrian protection offered by the mini SUV. The car scored a rather high 93% in adult occupant safety, 77% in child occupant safety, but only 58% for pedestrian safety.

The lack of a speed limitation device, and seatbelt reminder system for the rear seat passengers are other factors that resulted in the EcoSport not getting a perfect score.

Ford’s SYNC-based emergency assist system, which automatically dials emergency services in the event of an accident, had no mention in the report (this could be because Euro NCAP focusses on preventive crash features).

[Head to YouTube if you’re unable to view the video above.]

The test car was equipped with ESC (Electronic Stability Control), and according to the report, it would be a standard feature. In India, Ford offers ESC only on the EcoSport 1.5 AT variant.

Ford India have gathered over 60,000 bookings for the EcoSport since its launch in June this year, with over 25,000 units having been delivered already.

Ford EcoSport Euro NCAP crash test data sheet

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2 thoughts on “India-made Ford EcoSport fails to get a 5-star in Euro NCAP crash test

  1. jay says:

    The big difference is .. European spec ecosport have more than 6 airbags and ABS as a standard. We don’t have these much airbags in Indian ecosport…

    1. Carguy says:

      The Titanium (O) model does offer 6 airbags and ABS even in India. But most people are not willing to pay for these additional safety features. One of the other reasons could be that many people even in the metros get mislead by the idea dished out by ill-informed sales guys and friends who tell them that one can do without airbags & ABS if you are using the car mainly in the city at about 50 to 60 kmph speeds. But the fact is that the impact of hitting the chest against the dashboard in a car travelling at even 35 kmph is sometimes equivalent to that of a fall from atop a double storey building.

      The pedestrian safety rating of 58% and the lack of seat belt reminder system is reported to have affected the otherwise impressive score of 93% occupant safety for a small utility vehicle like Ecosport. Pedestrian safety is given a lot of importance in Europe as a few thousand pedestrians get killed by vehicle hits every year. Life there is valued better when compared to our country where about 130, 000 people perish every year in accidents, majority of them being jaywalking pedestrians and recklessly lane changing two wheeler riders. Companies like Volvo go to the extent of providing even pedestrian airbags in select models to absorb the impact of a car hitting a pedestrian.


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