Geneva Live – Tata Nexon mini SUV concept

Posted on: Mar 4, 2014 - 1:53pm IST

The Tata Nexon mini SUV concept has been unveiled for Europe at the Geneva Motor Show. It measures 4m long and has been confirmed for production in the next 24 months.

The concept features a three-cylinder 1.2L petrol engine and an electric rear wheel drive option for 4WD operation, producing 170 Nm of torque and returning a fuel efficiency of 17.6 kmpl. The vehicle’s claimed top speed is 180 kmph.

Tata Nexon Concept front three quarters at Geneva

Tata say that the design of the Nexon is inspired by “city concrete greys contrasted against a sapphire blue sky”. Its daylight opening is carried forward from the MegaPixel Concept that emphasizes on the floating roof.

Up front, the wrap-around mask was likewise first seen on the MegaPixel, and is decked with LED lamps designed to maximize the visual width of the front.

Tata Nexon Concept profile at Geneva

Towards the side, the car features a muscular body with bolstered wheel arches and 18-inch wheels. A pararomic glass roof, a double sliding door system and a B-Pillar-less shell are a few other design merits.

Things of speak in the interior include a ‘floating’ instrument panel within a wrap-around tub, a ‘Full Width’ instrument panel display screen and a smart media controller, mounted between the front seats.

Tata Nexon Concept rear at Geneva

Check the press release and spec sheet below for more details. For more images, refer to our Auto Expo coverage.

Tata Nexon – Geneva – Image Gallery

Tata Nexon Concept Press Release

[Can’t see the press release here? Head over to SlideShare]

Tata Nexon Concept Spec Sheet

[Can’t see the spec sheet here? Head to Slideshare]

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7 thoughts on “Geneva Live – Tata Nexon mini SUV concept

  1. Amala singh says:

    Had TATAs launchednexon, bolt and zest by now in India, their image would have been changed tremendously and it would have helped Nano / Storme / Movus. Nexon would have had waiting periods and put Ecosport to shame.

    Nano badly needs a openable boot, more powerful engine and the new auto expo looks.

    TATA you still are wasting time. Get into action before we say TATA….

  2. farghmee says:

    it looks nice!

  3. Mohit Verma says:

    Absolute Beauty of suv…

  4. Appalla says:

    If they knew the name Nexon was synonymous with bugs, glitches and horrible service, I’m sure they would change it.

    1. Bhargava says:

      I searched the internet and couldn’t find any of the characteristics you mentioned, associated with the word ‘Nexon’. Could you please shed some light on what you have said.

  5. Bhargava says:

    Well written! The emphasis on the design parameters is appreciable. This Mini-SUV received overwhelming response and admiration at the 2014 Delhi Auto-Expo for it’s design and state-of-the-art technology.

    It’s our nation’s pride to see these next-gen cars representing India at the prestigious Geneva Motor Show and keep the Indian flag flying high.

    1. Dr. Nayak says:

      Good to see patriotic talk on this blog. It is time to take the gloves of and confront the foreign auto companies who sell substandard products in India. Classic example is the new Ford Ecosport with the turbocharged engine that they make in India (not the modern Ecosport engine which is imported and not produced locally). Ask tough questions to these auto companies, why are you producing the substandard engines locally and import modern engines from other third world countries?


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