IAB Report – Refreshed BMW 5 Series GT, 4 Series Gran Coupe not considered for India

Posted on: Mar 15, 2014 - 10:48am IST

The BMW 5 Series GT was refreshed last year, alongside the 5 Series sedan and M5. While the refreshed 5 Series sedan was launched in India late last year, and the updated M5 will arrive by the end of this year, the company has no plans to update the 5 Series GT in India.

2014 BMW 5 Series GT press shot
The refreshed 5GT if launched in India, would cost more than a 7 Series.

Speaking to Indian Autos Blog, Mr. Frank Schlöder, Marketing Director of BMW India, confirmed that there are no plans to launch the updated car in India. The 5GT is a CBU (Completely Built-up Unit) product and currently retails at INR 91.3 lakhs, ex-Showroom, New Delhi. Schlöder said that the refreshed model, if launched, would easily cost upwards of INR 1 crore, thus making it more expensive than a 7 Series.

In order to price the 5GT below a 7 Series, BMW India will have to locally assemble the car, for which there are no plans he said. That’s one of the reasons why the company launched the 3GT, while locally assembling it from Day 1. The 3GT, he said, combines the highlights of the 5GT in a smaller package and is priced between a 3 Series and 5 Series (at INR 42.75 lakhs ex-Showroom), which is what customers want.

BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe side view at Geneva Motor Show
The 4 Series Gran Coupe is smaller than the 3 Series GT in terms of rear seat space. The model is hence ruled out for India.

BMW world premiered the 4 Series Gran Coupe at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show last week. Schlöder revealed that the 4 Gran Coupe will not launch in India. “It’s a bit smaller than the 3GT, and the rear legroom and headroom is lower compared to the 3GT”, he said, citing reasons why the product wouldn’t work in India.

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4 thoughts on “IAB Report – Refreshed BMW 5 Series GT, 4 Series Gran Coupe not considered for India

  1. ken says:

    what will be your course of action if BMW does launch the 4 gran coupe in India?

    1. Hello, if BMW does launch the car, we will report on it. When the marketing director of the company specifically says that the car is not destined to India, we think there are no chances of it coming here.

  2. sandeep says:

    i disagree about the 4er Gran Coupe & 3er GT. Because the targets for 3er GT is people who want comfort, & space and 4er Gran Coupe is for people who wants a sporty 4 door coupe just like the 6er Gran Coupe and if BMW thinks thats a issue its than Globally a issue not only for India than, so if BMW now thinks it would cannibalize each other than why BMW created 4er Gran Coupe or 3er GT? and why specially India? why than not rest of the world?

    1. Clean Machine says:

      That 4 series Gran Coupe is the hottest and sleekest of all the 3/4 series models. I can’t wait to get it here in the USA!!!


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