Brazil – Longer version of Ford Figo Concept sedan revealed

Posted on: Feb 4, 2014 - 11:41am IST

Ford India world debuted the Figo Concept sedan in New Delhi yesterday. A similar world debut took place in Brazil where Ford Brasil took the wraps off the Ka Concept Sedan. The Ka Concept sedan is basically the non sub-4 meter version of the concept showcased in India yesterday.

Ford Ka Concept Sedan Brazil press shots side
The Ford Ka Concept Sedan measures more than 4 meters in length.

The One-Ford strategy, while promising global cars, says that individual market specific (or country specific) modifications will be done by Ford to suit the consumers of that region. The sub-4 meter rule, which allows for significant tax cuts in India, is not used in international markets. Hence, it makes sense for Ford to have a sub-4 meter version tailor-made for India, and a proper sedan version for other markets.

Ford Figo Concept press shot rear quarter
The Ford Figo Concept sedan however is a sub-4 meter offering.

The Ka Concept resembles the Figo concept right until the C-Pillar. Here on, the Ka is characterized by a smooth flowing pillar which ends in a pretty long boot, while the Figo’s ends abruptly in a short and stubby boot. The taillights are identical on both cars though. We will have to wait for the production versions of these cars to confirm their wheelbase lengths.

The Figo Concept would materialize into a successor for the Ford Classic (old Fiesta in India) when it enters production next year.

Ford Ka Concept Sedan Image Gallery

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11 thoughts on “Brazil – Longer version of Ford Figo Concept sedan revealed

  1. Sujit P. M. says:

    Hi fellow reader & editor of this website…. have just read this report… i agree with most of the fellow readers opinions said below… its certainly not the manufactures fault to go in for these compact sedans… but rather being forced upon by the Indian Govt’s cramped rule for sub 4m cars. hey but y all these faults now ??? was it not Tata who started this trend with the Indica CS, and the other manufactures followed the trend as they benefited with the sales and the consumers with lower taxes… so now all r in for the sweet piece of pie in the market share… and my opinion of this sedan… i still really do like the Ford Fiesta classic… the current Fiesta is way off my taste… and the newer fiesta coming out… i would say… nice front design (wished if the headlamp cluster had not been that stretched backwards) and OMG what an ugly looking tail-lamp cluster to it… i do like the rear cluster of the figo sedan… wish they do the same to the fiesta sedan also… and yes as Farghmee has pointed out… the rear do look like the Proton Persona…

  2. samrat says:

    Its a bad day for Indian Automobile Industry. Ford is about to replace a popular and safest Classic sedan with an ugly looking semi sedan. The boot space and the passanger compartment has been compromised with. Ford should immediately introduce the 4.0 meter plus sedan having the new eco boost engine into India with all international specification in it. It is quite unfortunate that Indian roads are filled with ugly looking semi sedans viz. Maruti dezire,Hyunadi I10 sedan etc. We don’t expect Ford Motors to follow there foot steps. Be international and think international

  3. in-expert says:

    fantastic piece of coverage and comparison from IAB.

    while it is clear that the brazilian version is more proportionate, the indian version too ain’t too far behind considering the limitations of 4m it has to work with.

    nice job from ford.

    ps. love the alloy wheels on the brazilien model ).

  4. Vinod says:

    We can’t blame the manufacturers. Most Indian car buying population are obsessed with sedans. Their opinion is that only a sedan is a proper car and not a hatchback. They think a sedan gives them more personal image than a timid hatchback. This is the same for the suvs. Thats why dzire and amaze are selling well. If a segment becomes hot then it is natural for all manufacturers to vie for a piece of the pie.

  5. jay says:

    Actually Rule is great as it helps in minimizing road space occupation by cars, saves space in Parking and also while turning or taking U Turn. Companies should make only Hatchbacks for this section, as sub 4 meter Sedans looks ugly. Also those Bonsai Sedans are not that practical as compared to hatchback of same size, as it has less space inside the car. It feels crowded in those sub 4 meter Sedans.

  6. Tijo says:

    Hell with the 4.0 rule. All compact sedans area ugly in india, A small change in dimension has given the car a character & beautiful look. I hope the 4.0 meter rule will be come 4.5 meter

  7. Ganesh says:

    Because of this stupid 4 mtrs limit policy in India, our roads are filled with all ugly butted sedans. Its crazy. This looks much much better proposition than the one that was revealed yesterday in India.

    1. Gaurav says:

      Looking at how manufacturers in India are taking advantage of this rule, if new government changes the rule to 3.8 metres, all so called clever 4m cars would be screwd bad.

      1. NJ says:

        You stole the words out of my mouth. I fully agree. I too was thinking of the same the moment i saw Tata Zest and Ford Figo Sedan. If Government does so, it will badly hit cars as well as compact SUVs (Ecosport, Chevrolet’s upcoming, Tata’s upcoming, Honda’s upcoming etc etc)

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