Indonesia – India-made Suzuki Ertiga climbs to the third spot

Posted on: Nov 13, 2013 - 3:47pm IST

Sales of the India-made Suzuki Ertiga show no signs of waning in Indonesia as 6,010 customers made it their new family car in September.

The consistent sales have made the car Indonesia’s third best selling vehicle up till the 30th of September, at 51,301 units. We’re yet to receive word on the numbers in October, but September sales were the best till date with the Ertiga finishing second, right behind the Toyota Avanza, which after several years, may feel insecure about its market leadership position.

Suzuki Ertiga Sporty front bumper
Suzuki and Ertiga stand third in their respective classifications for 2013.

The Ertiga’s demand gives Suzuki another reason to celebrate as it became the third best selling brand in the archipelago, trailing behind Toyota and Daihatsu.

Suzuki introduced the Ertiga last year with a manual transmission, and soon after introduced the double blower variant and an automatic transmission listening to feedback. A special edition Ertiga called the ‘Ertiga Elegant’ was introduced in September as a fully-loaded variant with accessory fitments.

Suzuki cannot get carried away by the Ertiga’s quick progress, as Honda has announced its competitor, the Mobilio, at very competitive prices, directly targeting the Ertiga’s prospective buyer. Sales of the Mobilio begin in February next year and even without spending time behind the wheel, 5,000 Indonesians have already made a deposit to block the vehicle.

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4 thoughts on “Indonesia – India-made Suzuki Ertiga climbs to the third spot

  1. indonesian reader says:

    The indonesian ertiga is indonesia-made, not india!

    1. Hello! Thanks for the comment. The car is made in India and sent to Indonesia as CKD kit. It is assembled at Suzuki’s Bekasi plant. This is why we call it India-made.

  2. Suri.VG says:

    It is a wonderful initiative, simple, easy to consume and interests guys like me. These wonderful updates keeps us abreast of happenings. In fact I was planning to add a convenience to my Civic and Jazz by buying an Ertiga, waiting for the 2013 production to be depleted and the 2014 stocks to arrive.
    Is there any likelyhood of product exterior and interior upgrade in the 2014 model based on sporty looking ones in Indonesia

    1. Thank you Mr. Suri. I don’t know if there is an update planned for Ertiga. Since the car was launched just last year, we don’t see any major changes until 2015 or so. The sporty car shown here is just a concept that was shown at the IIMS 2013. Suzuki also brought a set of concept cars to last year’s show, but their work ends with getting eyeballs at the show.


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