Happy birthday Henry! – Ford India registers best ever monthly sales, exports in history

Posted on: Aug 1, 2013 - 3:42pm IST

The launch of the Ford EcoSport has had an immediate bearing on the company’s sales sheet. In July 2013, Ford registered a sale of 12,338 units (wholesale), its highest monthly sale in history.

In the domestic market, Ford did 7,867 units which is a 48% improvement compared to last year. Exports stood at 4,471 units (Figo and EcoSport), an improvement of 114%.

Ford said in its press release that exports of the EcoSport to South Africa, Mexico and Aruba are underway. With 30,000 bookings and counting, Ford India has a tough job ahead of putting enough models in Indian dealer yards while responding to the calls of the export markets where the mini SUV boom is waiting to happen.

Ford EcoSport for Europe front
Ford will have to work tirelessly to satisfy demands in India, while keeping the export volume steady.

Ford India’s dealers are already asking customers to wait for up to six months for some variants. Petrol powered cars demand a longer waiting period as the supply is short, since a majority of the capacity has gone for the diesel variants. Ford’s Chennai plant has a flexible engine line which can adjust the ratio depending on the market requirements.

Another reason could be the Ecoboost engine which is imported from its German engine plant. Reports in the European media suggest that the facility isn’t able to produce enough number of engines to meet the worldwide demand for this motor. Ford had announced that it will hence double production of the 1L engine from mid-August.

According to a recent newspaper report, Ford India will address demands from 40 markets which includes the whole of Europe, parts of Asia Pacific and Africa. Until the plants in Thailand and Russia are operational, Ford’s Indian factory, all alone, will have to attend to the needs of the global markets where the EcoSport is not produced.

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3 thoughts on “Happy birthday Henry! – Ford India registers best ever monthly sales, exports in history

  1. SC says:

    What is it with Ford? Why do they try to sell their most ugly looking vehicles in India, of all places? Do they think that Indians don’t have any taste and would lap up any vehicle thrown at them, if it were to be cheap enough?

    With their American mindsets and their huge road space hogging cars, they couldn’t make any headaway in the Indian auto market, in spite of being there for years. Then they finally brought in the Fiesta. When this started selling, they had to give it a facelift not once, but twice within a short span of time. Finally, when they couldn’t sell their latest Fiesta, they went back to it’s earlier facelifted (second) edition and sell it as Ford Classic. It is strange that they couldn’t see the writing on the wall. One of the reasons for which the latest Fiesta doesn’t sell in India is that it is ugly. Since it’s earlier version looks much better, Ford has been forced to keep selling it as the Ford Classic.

    The same is true of the Ecosport. The grill below the front lights where the number plate is put, is ugly and looks like something that a 5 year old would draw. Because of this, the front of the car is as ugly as the second edition of the Honda City. However, Honda realized it’s folly and changed this grill to make the City beautiful, when it launched it’s IVTEC version. When will Ford do that? Like Honda, they must eliminate the grill below the front headlights. Increase the size of the grill between the car’s headlights, if you must. Otherwise, when the initial euphoria about the car’s launch at such a low price ends, the Ecosport will find it difficult to compete against the Volkswagen Taigun and the Nissan Terrano.

    Unlike Americans, Indians expect their cars to last a lifetime, since they are costly. Does it take too much intelligence to understand, that at a certain price, an Indian would buy a car that looks better more readily, than something else?

  2. abdul nasser says:

    Today I got my Ecoboost Titanium, which is booked on 14.07.”13

  3. Anand says:

    We can see Ecosport flooded on roads as we saw Swift at one point of time, if Ford sorted out their delivery issues …. Way to go Ford. Please do some price correction on Fiesta too…:))


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