2014 Honda Jazz to have World’s Best Fuel Efficiency; Japanese launch in September?

Posted on: Jul 5, 2013 - 8:54am IST

Details on the 2014 Honda Jazz (or the 2014 Honda Fit) are slowly emerging. We were the first to update you about the possible design, the supposedly leaked brochure scans and in this post we will update you about the hybrid version of the Jazz.

Nikkei, the Japanese business news provider, reports that the next generation Honda Jazz would achieve the best fuel economy, not only for a Honda or a Japanese product, but in the world.

2014 Honda Jazz front

The hybrid Jazz will achieve 36km/l (102mpg) in Japan’s Transport Ministry Test, known as JCO8. Until now, the Toyota Aqua (also called the Prius city) with it’s 35.4km/l and the Toyota Prius at 30km/l bettered other the Honda products. The recently launched Accord Hybrid has a commendable 30km/l efficiency and the new Jazz will obviously be better in that respect.

It is also reported that the new Jazz would go on sale in Japan this September, while other markets such as those of North America and Europe, including India, would get the car sometime next year. After speaking to Honda India’s officials at a recent round table, ¬†we believe that the new Jazz would be Honda India’s first launch in 2014, arriving in the earlier part of the year itself.

2014 Honda Jazz instrument cluster
Could this be the instrument cluster of the Jazz hybrid?

For India, the Jazz will be available with a diesel engine option also. Globally, Honda expects to sell 6 million units of the new Jazz by 2017.

But wait a minute. If Honda claims the World’s Best Fuel Economy title with the Jazz hybrid at 36km/l, what happens to the VW XL1’s claim of 111km/l? Maybe Honda would have to add the ‘Series Production’ title.

[Source – Just Auto]

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2 thoughts on “2014 Honda Jazz to have World’s Best Fuel Efficiency; Japanese launch in September?

  1. Deepak Chablani says:

    Looks like the new Jazz is going to be an absolute cracker. Honestly the Swift and i20 are no match for this giant. Really excited about the new Jazz.

    The existing Jazz itself was such a brilliant package. The new generation Jazz looks a lot more sporty and exciting. Now imagine the already huge Jazz has got its wheelbase extended now ! I The cabin is almost like a playground and it has the boot space of a sedan. Add the killer diesel engine and the legendary reliability and performance of a Honda, this is really unbeatable stuff. For me its the best family hatchback in India for sure. Hope Honda would price it aggressively,as they did with the Amaze

    I’d any day trade my Ikon for this and an easy choice to pick over the Ecosport. Both are hatchbacks for me, but with Ecosport will ensure that you pay 10+ lacs for the top end and they give a 4 seater cramped car with no real boot space in return. That’s not value for money ! And that’s not aggressive pricing !

    Indians generally need to get lot more sensible and make good decisions for themselves suiting their needs. People still buy cars like Swift and Ecosport based on word of mouth and auto reviews, which normally are paid for by the respective companies. In the US, people are moving away from the so called SUV culture and are choosing cars after consideration of their requirements. That’s why you see sedans clocking good numbers there really.

  2. Ganesh says:

    They can launch this as ‘Fit’ itself rather than ‘Jazz’. Hope it makes wonders. A very capable call spoiled by Indians craze for Swift which is also very overpriced!


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