Honda confirms new Jazz, compact SUV, 7-seat MPV by 2015, tells IAB that new Civic won’t fly in India

Posted on: Jun 26, 2013 - 8:38pm IST

Speaking to this afternoon as part of a special round table in Chennai, Honda Cars India’s management members divulged plans for new models to grow their market share in India.

Car Teaser
Honda has planned four models through replacements and new segment offerings over the next two years.

Hironori Kanayama, President & CEO and Jnaneswar Sen, Senior VP Sales and Marketing and of Honda Cars India presented on how they plan to increase their operating field from the current 10% to 50% in the following years.

In the JD Power rankings, Honda achieved the first position in SSI (Sales Satisfaction Index) and second position in the CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) studies.

Honda India’s second manufacturing plant in Tapukara, Rajasthan is Honda’s first fully integrated diesel engine manufacturing plant in the world. Honda makes diesel engines for its bigger models in Britain (Swindon) from parts flown in from Japan. Starting next year, the 437-acre facility in Tapukara will begin rolling out cars as well. Production capacity of this plant stands at 120,000 cars per year and 163,000 engines per year.

Honda Jazz
Honda Jazz makes its comeback in India in 2014 and very importantly with a diesel engine.

Here are some important clippings from the discussion –

Four new Honda products by 2015 –

The first of the new products would be the next generation Honda Jazz early next year. It would be trailed by a seven seat MPV and a compact SUV. Officials did not identify the fourth model but said the City (which it most likely is, in a redesigned form) would not get a diesel engine in the current generation.

Export plans for Honda Amaze –

Exports of the Amaze to other parts of the world is confirmed but a decision has not been made on the markets. Such a decision on the export markets would be made this year. Priority is to address the demand for the model in India. Honda began exporting the Amaze to Nepal this month, but less than 100 units made up the first consignment.

Honda Urban SUV Concept at NAIAS 2013
Honda’s compact SUV may not classify as a small car in India. However it is a beneficiary of the 1.5L i-DTEC engine.

Compact SUV, a sub-4m vehicle?

Although we didn’t receive a direct answer to this question, Kanayama san said conforming to small car rules is a critical factor for Indian consumers but not all products would be small cars.

Seven seat MPV progress –

The vehicle is still in the development stage. Honda is working on the maximization of common components on the Brio platform to reduce costs.

2014 Acura MDX front three quarters
Acura models are ruled out for India in the near future.

Auto Expo 2014 plans –

Some of the new models that would come to India in the future have been planned for display at the Auto Expo next year.

Acura in India?

There is no specific plan to introduce Acura models at present. If the cars are imported, the price would be “exorbitant” and there wouldn’t be “lots of demand” at those prices, Kanayama san said. To start local production of those models, the market is too small. He personally hopes that Acura models can be launched in the near future. However realistically the brand’s launch in India in the next few years is not on their agenda.

Honda CR-V Diesel side
Diesel engined CR-V not in the business model, and new Civic (petrol or diesel) is also a no-go.

Diesel CR-V and Civic –

There is no proposal to introduce the CR-V in a diesel variant. For the time being there is no plan to relaunch the Civic in petrol, leave alone diesel. Civic segment is “de-growing remarkably” in India influencing this decision strongly.

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15 thoughts on “Honda confirms new Jazz, compact SUV, 7-seat MPV by 2015, tells IAB that new Civic won’t fly in India

  1. Anil Saxena says:

    Waiting eagerly to buy the compact Honda SUV Automatic.

  2. satyapal says:

    Hi shrawan would you able to tell me when Toyota motors will be launching the compact SUV Rush in India as launched in other Asian market.

    Hand in advance

    1. Hi Satyapal, Toyota doesn’t seem to be interested in mini SUV for India for now.

  3. uday deka says:

    Hi shrawan, it was informed in autocar india that honda compact suv is spied testing probably in europe. Expecting a better information from your side. Thanks

      1. uday deka says:


  4. uday says:

    Impatiently waiting for honda compact suv.
    Have driven ford ecosport, pick up is sluggish, bad for city condition.
    Lliked driving diesel amaze, amazing pick up from very low rpm even at higher gear.
    In Assam, pot holes, water logging and narrow congested road necessitates compact suv and my preference is honda
    But i dont understand why honda is always late in bringing necessary models to india. [Brio came so late that i had to buy i10 ”sigh”.

  5. DRG says:

    My feel about Jazz is every thing is good about the car. I would feel it need to have little more thigh support at back. Honda may consider this and IMHO, it will be another best seller from honda.

  6. Deepak Chablani says:

    Happy to see that the compact SUV from Honda is not just another sub 4 metre crap like the Ecosport. Enough of this sub 4 metre business folks.

    Even if you want to make a sub 4 metre car, let it like the Amaze or even the Quanto (it looks bad, agreed! ) where interior space is optimized and they’re proper 5 seater cars with decent boot space too.

    Would encourage Shrawan and team to keep a track on the Honda line up. Looks great. Jazz, SUV, MPV, City…all with the diesel enginel !

  7. DRG says:

    I have plans of buying a new Honda city car now. I normally would keep the car for about 5-6 years. Is it a good time to buy one now or will it become obsolete too soon ?

    1. Hi, though the official won’t comment, sources tell us that the new City with a diesel engine would come next year. I hope this information is useful to you.

      1. DRG says:

        Thank you very much. This is certainly useful. But I am in a fix now with no good alternative to city.

  8. zehmel says:

    I don’t like the strategy i mean Honda knows that Diesel is very important in India why they don’t launch the Diesel version of the CR-V?? with only petrol version they can’t sell more than 100 units a month. about Honda Civic there is a diesel version of the Honda Civic Sedan available the 1.6 I-DTEC Diesel engine. but i still hope they bring the Civic sedan

    1. Umar says:

      I am also a great fan of Civic from its early days. I admired it very much..

      And I do take side with the opinion that “Civic’s segment is de-growing” because at that price range people are buying cars live “XUV”. So the demand will be very less even if there is a diesel engine..

      But I do hope they bring Civic somewhere in the future so that I can buy one..


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