Tata Nano is the most trusted four wheeler brand in India

Posted on: Feb 1, 2013 - 1:21pm IST

The little Tata has brought some cheers to the Tata Motors camp. The Tata Nano has been declared as the most trusted four wheeler brand in India for the year 2013 according to “The Brand Trust Report, India Study 2013”.

Tata Nano head-on white

The Brand Trust Report is conducted by Trust Research Advisory. This year’s report involved 16 cities and 19,000 unique brands across various domains.

The Tata Nano was the only petrol car in the 2012’s Top 10 best selling cars list to post a positive year on year growth and Tata’s current strategy of not marketing Nano as the world’s most affordable car seems to be paying dividends. The car which is a brain child of Mr. Ratan Tata has faced quite a few hurdles and now starting to show a steady sales performance.

The acclamation couldn’t have come at a better time since Tata Motors has huge plans for the Nano this year. The car will get CNG and diesel variants both of which are expected to lift up Nano’s appeal a few notches above. Moreover, a more powerful petrol Nano with an 800cc engine is also in the works.

The top spot in the most trusted automobile marque went to BMW which secured an overall place of fourth, a five rank improvement over last year. Bajaj Auto slipped a spot compared to previous year to capture 8th position in overall rankings.

The top three spots were sealed by electronic gadget makers.

[Source: Economictimes.Indiatimes.com]

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15 thoughts on “Tata Nano is the most trusted four wheeler brand in India

  1. Giridhar says:

    I am not surprised by the kind of publicity Nano is getting recently. I have a Nano 2012 edition and it works brilliantly for me.
    The kind of media frenzy in covering the fires with the first few batches of Nano resulted in that stigma getting stuck in the customer’s mind, but I believe over the last 2 yrs the Nano has really started coming into its own. For a city driver, this is perhaps the most fuel efficient, practical vehicle with the lowest overall cost of ownership as well despite being a petrol vehicle.
    Its time cynics experience the vehicle before passing judgement on hearsay and contrived media reports..

  2. aravind says:

    if the tatanano has a hatchback door and changing the shape of its front lamps,it will be a success in indian market.

  3. prashant says:

    People please don’t forget the price of the car. The value TATAs are offering at the price tag below 2 lacs is incredible. This only has made Nano to make it here………….

  4. Gopi says:

    I could not believe this, Within 4000km lot of problems in Tata Nano, not reliable at all and sold it. After having this car I would not go for any other Tata cars.

  5. K V Shirke says:

    I have bought the Nano about 04 months back. It is really well thought product. Considering the no. of increase in large engined vehicles, it is the need of the hour that every manufacturer introduces small engined efficient mode of transport rather than the other way round. Also requesting the complainants to forget the burning incidents as the Audi R8 recently burnt in Mumbai does not mean that Audi produces unsafe cars.

  6. vishal says:

    I find it very hard to believe this report. Of course the association of ‘Trust’ is very high with the Tata Group as it is considered to be one of the chief founders of modern industrialized India and has touched peoples lives through its immense spread of products and services. They are also often associated with honest business practices. But to see Tata Nano in this list is a shocker. I guess this product has received so much media attention in India and elsewhere that respondents have spontaneously recalled the Nano alongside Tata. Can there be any reason rooted in the product itself that could explain why this flimsy car, some of which have combusted on the road spontaneously? I think not. Nano can evoke a lot of emotions in Indians – but ‘Trust’ surely cannot be one of them.

    1. Mohammed says:

      The 2012 Nano is way way superior to the ones released earlier. The Nano is by no means flimsy and has a solid built just like the new generation Tata vehicles such as Manza,Vista, Storme etc because of their export aspirations.

      Infact,I’ve owned an Alto for sometime and never felt safe in it. I’ve done a long drive in 2012 Nano last year and can tell you its performance was a pleasant suprise for me.

      Moving away to Tata’s, the amount of money Tata’s pump into charity in India every year and that too, without informing the public, is really MAMMOTH. Most of the Sr management folks at Tata’s(including Ratan Tata) don’t even make 10% of money compared to same level corporate employees in other companies. And, the big fact is, Tata’s don’t make money out of Nano, they’re still selling it damn cheap even after dramatic increase in input costs, just to maintain Ratan Tata’s words of giving India a 1 lac car ! No manufacturer on mother earth gives so much of value for the money you spent as much as Tata does; clearly evident on all their cars, be it Vista, Manza, Nano….

    2. Laxman says:

      It was named the cheapest hot hatch when it debut due to the fiery incidents early owners experienced!

      Now I declare it the most trusted luxury autorikshaw as long it doesnt catch fire…

      1. Bhatia says:

        Its engine sounds like the diesel 3 wheeler goods auto.

    3. shiva says:

      “I couldn’t agree more with you Mr. Shirke. As an owner myself, NANO is a well-designed robust product which always lives upto my expectation when it comes to quality. In addition to this, the best thing about the brand is they always put customers at the forefront & customer satisfaction is a priority. The staff is well trained, technically sound & honest when it comes to delivering the results. My overall experience is being great & my high regards go to the brand when it comes to trusting my favorite NANO.”

  7. sandy says:

    Thats a positive sign for Tata Nano team, and I hope they work hard to make other Tata 4 wheeler meet the same respect.

  8. i am a user covered more than 33k km no prblems so far


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