Spied – Trials of the Tata Nano 800cc begin in Maharashtra

Posted on: Jan 23, 2013 - 10:21am IST

With the arrival of the Tata Nano, came along its very own dedicated rumor mill. We heard about the more powerful, 800cc engine Tata would launch the car in. We heard about the Nano diesel and the CNG/LPG variants.

Tata Nano 800cc caught on testTata Nano 800cc rear

We heard about a refreshed Nano with a functioning rear hatch. In short, we’ve heard a lot. And seen a lot as well, in the form of test mules.

Today, it is the turn of the 800cc Nano to come into focus once again. What you see here is the car in question (supposedly) caught by one of OnCars reader’s – Mr. Rishi. It was said to be doing its testing on the country roads of Maharashtra.

This Nano test mule seems to be packed with data logging equipment, especially on all the wheels. An 800cc engine would be heavier than the current 624cc, suggesting that Tata would have to check the tyre parameters. It goes without saying that the suspension would have to be reworked as well to handle the extra weight. It is reported that the tyre size has been increased as well.

However, OnCars reports that the exterior changes are not limited to the uprated tyres alone. The track of the car seems to be wider as well. This could be a possibility as a larger engine demands more space and more cooling. Would Tata use a bigger cooling system that would need them to shift the location of the radiator?

Also, would the primary Nano-centric quirks (read inconveniences) such as the under-bonnet fuel filler and the fixed rear hatch, be addressed in the Nano 800? We’ll be finding out soon.

With a late 2013/early 2014 arrival, the Nano 800 will try to steal some of the Eon’s and Alto’s thunder. This couldn’t come at a better time for Tata as well, with sales of the Nano not showing signs of consistency.

[Source – OnCars.in]

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2 thoughts on “Spied – Trials of the Tata Nano 800cc begin in Maharashtra

  1. Debabrata Sarkar says:

    Tata Nano is a unique invention of TATA motors, indeed. But the car could not make any impression in the market and customer could hardly choose it as it look likes a toy car. Although it has much space. I think the major problem of this car is it’s huge sound of the 2 cylinder engine like Auto. I have observed when a nano runs in the road most people laughs by saying that look at the modified auto.I would request the tata management to thing over the viewer’s comment and to take necessary steps for making nano 800cc so that it may grab the market with great volume

  2. Sanjay Dave says:

    800cc engine is a welcome. But the problem with most of the NANOs probably is not its 624cc engine which TATA can further tune up for more torque, power and silent running. The main problem lies with the clutch and the front suspension combined with very poor build quality. It is like transplanting the heart when the problem is with kidneys. Best of Luck TATA MOTORS- You can fool indian customers once but not always.


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