Spied – Near production ready Fiat 500XL MPV surfaces on Turin roads

Posted on: Feb 2, 2013 - 3:19pm IST

Fiat-500XLThere are lot of product development activities going on at Fiat Group and the Fiat 500XL is no doubt one of the important models in the short term.

The Fiat group has a comprehensive strategy to overcome the European financial crisis and that includes new products from all its group brands.

The Fiat 500 actually started as a retro model of the iconic original 500 and in the due course it became a brand in itself. That has made Fiat to introduce new products under the 500 nameplate.

The 500L compact MPV was the first of the spin offs and the 500XL which is essentially a stretched 500L could be the next launch. And it doesn’t stop there as a compact crossover SUV called the 500X is also is baking.

The spy shots of the 500XL test mules were caught by Autoedizione.com, on the suburbs of Turin, Fiat’s HQ. The mule carried camouflage only at the rear suggesting that the car is production ready and undergoing final phase of testing.

The Fiat 500XL could use the same set of powertrains as the 500L which includes the familiar 1.3 litre MultiJet diesel and two petrol motors with displacements of 0.9 litre (turbocharged) and 1.4 litre.

Autoedizione.com reports that the car is set to be unveiled somewhere in June. They also speculate that Fiat could spring a surprise by getting the 500XL to Geneva Motor Show. However, Fiat has no plans to bring the 500XL or 500L to India, not at least till 2016 as their product sheet for India suggests.

[Source: Autoedizione.com]

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8 thoughts on “Spied – Near production ready Fiat 500XL MPV surfaces on Turin roads

  1. S Pani says:

    I hope FIAT do bring this into India, as it definitely has good potential here. It will be a direct rival to the Ertiga, for people looking for a simple, not-very large, non-SUV 7 seater. Fiat already has a great engine line up for it.

    I believe there will be some part sharing with the 500X SUV too, which will help reduce costs.

    1. Ramish says:

      Fiat can even target it against XUV500 and still find customers.

      1. S Pani says:

        I doubt that. The 500XL just doesnt have the agressive looks which will appeal to an SUV buyer. This is still a MUV and not SUV.

        TO compete with the XUV, FIAT will probably rely on the Jeep brand.

    2. Rahul says:

      I doubt that it will rival Ertiga.. as it will be more premium model.

      1. Ramish says:

        I agree with you. Fiat desire to be in premium car segment in India. Maybe S Pani needs a better understanding of Marketing concepts to have a clear understanding of how things work. Not way can Jeep compete with XUV. Jeep will compete with Q5, X5…

    3. S Pani says:

      People go check out what kind of cars FIAT sell around the world. They are not a premium car maker at all. They are well known for their great but cheap cars. Cars like the FIAT 500, FIAT Panda, Grande Punto these are their main products and are all cheap hatchbacks.

      Check out the prices of the 500L in Europe. You will see that it is only a bit over the Punto. If made completely in India the 500XL can be priced around the 7-11L range.

      1. dna says:

        fiat means

        u mean to say that above are not premium brands.

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