Made-In-India Dacia Duster commands a 5-month waiting period in the UK

Posted on: Jan 28, 2013 - 6:51pm IST

The ‘Shockingly Affordable’ £8,995 mini SUV is a major hit in the UK! We are, of course, talking about the Duster. The Renault Duster (Dacia Duster for the UK) carries with it a five-month long waiting period and its not tough to see why.

Dacia Duster that is going to the UK

Even before Renault started shipping the Duster to the UK, over a thousand Brits pre-booked the car. Without ever so seeing it, leave alone a test drive! This was largely attributed to the publicity Dacia created with the £8,995 pricing (for the base petrol).

We can however say that we did anticipate for this to happen. In India, some variants of the Duster (in a particular color) have seen a waiting period in excess of 6-months. In fact, Renault India delivered 19,000 Duster’s in a period of just 5 months and continue to do so.

On November 30 2013, Renault India commenced the export of the Made in India Duster with an initial supply of 350 Duster’s. They included the petrol and the diesel (both 4×2 and 4×4).

In India, the base petrol has not done quite well as the diesel. This is understandable (and we dare say even expected) as we’re a diesel friendly market. However, not so in the UK. The petrol is sold in a base variant called the Access and the features are so stark that air-conditioning and even a radio are unavailable. Even as optional! Even so, the Brits are lining up for the Romanian car with orders having exceeded the 2,000 mark!

Dacia commented on this saying that the news is a ‘blow to some critics who claimed the attention-grabbing entry price purely a marketing stunt’. Even the top-end 4×4 Duster has exceeded its initial order expectations by 40%, says a jubilant Dacia.

The good news doesn’t stop there. Recently, a report from CAP suggested that the Duster would be the least depreciating car in the UK.

With the £7000 Sandero hatchback scheduled for a launch very soon, Dacia has a problem every manufacturer dreams of.

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6 thoughts on “Made-In-India Dacia Duster commands a 5-month waiting period in the UK

  1. […] the domestic sales chart on fire, the made-in-India Duster (branded as Dacia) is commanding a waiting period of over 5 months in UK. Renault’s Indian plant being the only one in the world to manufacture the Duster in RHD […]

  2. Amit says:

    Renault has the first mover advantage in the compact SUV market so it is fleecing Indian customers with overpricing the Duster. Once Ecosprt and XAAlpha are launched then Duster demand will fall and prices will have to reduce..

    The French always think they are superior to others though their cars are average. Nissans quality is better than Renault worldwide but with this arrogant attitude they charge more than Nissan for badge replicas! (scala,pulse)

    India is not in such a recession as EU yet so this factor helps Renault sell the Dacia Duster at a low margin there.

    1. Refugee says:

      They are forced to sell Dacia with low margins in EU since its an old model there. While in India with low sales of Fluence and Koleos they overpriced Duster to make Renault India profitable

      This is the height of arrogance which has cost them to lose many key staff and customers shift to the likes of Quanto etc…

  3. Ramesh says:

    I think the article should put the price of the Duster in UK in proper perspective. Thats the only reason its selling. Also makes you realize how overpriced the Duster is in Inda.

    So the base petrol Duster sells for GBP 8995.
    Now looks at the prices of other cars in UK. The Chevrolet Spark (Beat in India) base version sells for 9185, i10 base version for 9345, the Suzuki Swift base version (Petrol) for 11,130 and the Polo petrol base version for 11235.

    Now compare the relative prices in India for petrol base versions of the same cars (Ex showroom Delhi) Duster – Rs 7,69,000, Beat- 3,74,000, i10 – 3,69,000, Swift – 4,49,000 and Polo – 4,67,000.

    Makes you realise that Renault is taking Indians for a ride!

    1. Anjan Ravi says:

      Hi Ramesh,
      You bring out a valid point there.
      The Hyundai i10 at GBP 9345 (INR 7.88 lakhs) seems to be reasonable considering that the i10 costs about 4-5 lakhs here and the cost of importing the car from India (logistics involved + import taxes) justifies the price.
      However, the pricing of the Duster in the UK is as the manufacturer claims “Shockingly Affordable”. The base petrol at 8995 (INR 7.58) is cheaper than what it costs us (INR 7.82). The lack of AC on the UK version may contribute to the lower price, nevertheless when you factor in the costs of logistics and import it seems the Indian version is pricier. Either that or Dacia are looking at very low margins from the UK market.

  4. Sridhar says:

    Recession is hitting everyone hard….it’s knocking at the doors of the brits too. No wonder why they are interested in low cost vehicle. With piling backlogs, Renault has units to export!!

    I refer to your concluding remark, “Dacia has a problem every manufacturer dreams of.” Something amiss here. How about replacing “dreams of” with “dreads of”?


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