Made-In-India Dacia Duster is the least depreciating car in the UK

Posted on: Jan 26, 2013 - 1:37pm IST

Dacia DusterDeprecation – an individual’s nightmare or a company’s delight. Deprecation can be good or bad depending on which side are you standing on. It doesn’t matter whether you drive your car or not, it still depreciates.

Early reports suggest that the Renault Duster (sold as a Dacia in UK) is the least depreciating car in Great Britain. The Renault Duster is supplied to the UK market from Renault-Nissan Chennai factory.

According to CAP, an organization that helps automotive businesses manage risk and increase their profits, the entry level Duster will retain 33.6% of its value after three years/60,000 miles, just 2% short of its most expensive rivals from Hyundai, Kia and Skoda. This results in a saving of £3,260 in three years.

The Dacia Duster range in the UK starts at £8,995 for the entry-level front-wheel drive petrol model (Access trim). The top-of-the-line four-wheel drive diesel goes all the way to £13,000 (Laureate trim). There will be no discounts offered on the Dacia range as the prices are already as low as they can be.

The Duster marked the entry of the Dacia brand in the UK. Generally, when new brands enter the market they have a very little resale value.

Even in India, Maruti Suzuki/Tata/Hyundai cars hold their value much better than new boys such as General Motors, Volkswagen et al.

Thus, despite being a new brand, the Duster is still holding its value much better than established brands; it is indeed remarkable!

Dacia UK expects a similar success on the newly launched Sandero (Logan hatchback).


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5 thoughts on “Made-In-India Dacia Duster is the least depreciating car in the UK

  1. andy t says:

    cut the bull ,the duster is the car for a recession hit britain . its an honest approach to a sometimes snobby badge fashion concious society . some people wold rather buy a 150000 mile bmw that has been used as a builders van because and only because it has a badge and because they hope that it will impress them next door . the duster will clean up (excuse the pun)

  2. sandy says:

    Yes, even if you keep your car well polished and covered for few months, you will still be duty bound to sell it at much lesser price then the same car of same mfg date covered with dust at dealer’s yard.

  3. Refueji says:

    Least depreciating but not least appreciated.

    To get into good books with sponsor, the handover was the beginning of the end. (And takeover the start of talent drain)

    1. Sameer says:

      “There is no such thing as loyalty to a brand/company nowadays”

      Wonder why some genius are so duty bound when kings are destined for greater things.

      Life is short and time is precious but probably not for a provenworkhorse like the generic Duster in the current economic times.


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