The 2014 Hyundai i10 will spawn a sedan – Verito, Amaze watch out!

Posted on: Jan 3, 2013 - 10:33am IST

new Hyundai i10 VTVTMr. Ümit Karaarsalan, chairman of Hyundai Assan (joint venture between Hyundai and Turkey’s Kibar Holding), has confirmed that a compact sedan will be made using the next generation i10’s components at the Izmit plant in Turkey.

Mr. Ümit Karaarsalan speaking to Hurriyet Daily –

We will begin to produce new and bigger versions of the i10, which will be set between the i10 and i20. As part of the same platform we can easily produce a sedan, so as soon as we release the other model we will begin to work on sedan production.

The next generation i10, according to media reports, is premiering at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September. Hyundai India may not waste any time in introducing the replacement in India that will launch with a compact diesel engine displacing 1.1 liters. The company is investing US $300 million at its Chennai factory to setup a flexible engine plant and a new press shop facility. These preparations are most likely to welcome the new i10 into Chennai.

Presently Hyundai manufactures petrol engines, and imports diesel motors from Korea.

Besides the diesel and petrols picked from the current lot, the new i10 may also feature a turbocharged, directed injected version of the Kappa engine. At a powertrain conference in South Korea last October, Hyundai unveiled a 1.0 litre TCI engine that produces 105 bhp and 137 Nm.

The Izmit plant may look after the demand from the European markets while the Chennai plant may produce for the Asia Pacific and African regions.

Hyundai can resurrect the Accent brand in India using the i10-based sedan next year. Will the new Accent be an Amaze-style sub-4m notchback featuring new rear doors, a cushy rear seat and a tiny boot?

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13 thoughts on “The 2014 Hyundai i10 will spawn a sedan – Verito, Amaze watch out!

  1. vishal says:

    I thought the India consumer would outgrow its fondness for small hatches turned into ugly notchbacks and sedans (if you can really call them that), but it looks like the feeling is stronger than ever. Eye sores like the Dzire, Etios, Verito sub 4, Amaze, Indigo CS are ruining my cityscape.

  2. sri says:

    Initially it was heard that its a i20 version of notchback i.e. Sub-4 meter sedan as the replacement of Accent but now its heard as i10 based , so no sure if the design is started, what ever we are living in a frequent changing market so just one doubt nowadays there are more than 5 models getting launched in a year and 2-3 models getting discontinued , Problem is on the spares of these cars after 6-7 years !! I own a Maruthi 800 for which now only im facing difficulty in getting small spares like Headlight mouldings for 1999 model and old taillamp assembly etc I just bought i10 for 5.5. lacs and not sure if I will get this spares after 9-10 years since i use any car for 10 years Im worried 🙁

    1. sandy says:

      In that sense, Indica rocks; 1998 till date. And Russian car Lada is evergreen.
      I’m also facing the same problem with my 2004 Zen(not Estilo). It took about 1 year to replace the damaged A/C compressor due to unavailability. 🙁

      1. sri says:

        such a famous car ‘Zen’ and Maruthi 800 also yours is just a 9 year old car is facing this situation that too from a so called ‘Maruthi’ then then what would be the situation for Nissan and Renault kind of car brands :-/ so are these automakers making this only then we will change our cars often ?? nowadays car models are coming out like mobile phones 😛

      2. sandy says:

        Right buddy, car nowadays are like mobile phones. I’m treating my car as Vintage. And other owners of old Swift, old Wagon-R, old Honda City would be facing the same problem like us.

  3. Shravan Reddy says:

    I10 is the most successful vehicle in India. Hope the new compact sedan version will all be successful in India.

    1. Abraham says:

      I say i10 is the bread and butter for Hyundai in india.i10 sells more than half of Hyundai’s monthly sale.Due to the tough competition i10 is tired so a facelift is reallyy necessary.

  4. sandy says:

    My pick, new i10 and its probable compact sedan will be as sizable as Indica and IndigoCS.

  5. balaji babu says:

    Really surprising to hear. If there is going to be a notchback, will it not defeat the purpose of having a premium hatchback like i20? I was believing hyundai will not go for notchback as new i20 is a blockbuster here and they wouldn’t want to play with that. Bringing in a notchback with hyundai’s quality of interiors will sure give a dent in i20’s sales. This is just my humble opinion.

    Anyways if the news is confirmed, then IAB is once again going to be the first portal to report the same. Keep going guys, you do a better job than rest of the others!

    1. sri says:

      People always want to explore New models every time they change their cars i.e a person using Hatch would like to jump to a Sedan and a sedan to a mini SUV then to a Proper SUV which is one case , the other case people might not like to spend much on 12% duty just for the long boot where the usage might be minimal and also should have a larger capacity when compared to a hatch so this segment people opt for a Notchback so these are always a better stratergy to keep a customer withing Hyundai Family like
      Hatchback-NotchBack-Sedan-MiniSUV-SUV-MPV so a company’s portfolio should have all kinds of cars to keep a customer round withing their brand so that they can retain their customer !!

  6. Ayyappan says:

    How can you compare the i10 based sedan with a cheap car like Verito? Looks like you folks are working on behalf of Mahindra. Oh man !!!

    1. We meant sub-4m version of sedans, the two cars that are under 4m long in that segment are Verito (compact version launching by end of March) and the Amaze (coming next financial year). If the i10-based sedan is under 4m long (considering there is a Verna in place, Hyundai may restrict the size of a cheaper sedan) how can that model compete with the Manza, Etios, Classic or Sunny? Please read the context and the full story before making judgements.

      1. Ayyappan says:

        Cmon dude ! You sound as though you own the automobile industry in India. Your site screams Mahindra and Ford at every given opportunity and appears terribly cheap too in doing that. You might have to live with 25+ loyal friends of yours who might stick to your reporting for ever.

        If you’re comparing the i10 sedan upcoming sub 4 metre launches, how did you miss out on Manza CS? Going by the post, there’s absolutely no hint about the i10 sedan to be made sub 4 metre. Even then, you know what i10 is all about and to compare with the Verito is just plain crazy.

        Intelligence is not restricted just to your team, so, get real !

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