Alongside a facelift, Tata Nano may get an 800cc petrol engine in 2013

Posted on: Dec 27, 2012 - 6:23pm IST

The Tata Nano is expected to get a bigger and more powerful petrol engine next year.

Tata Nano foglight effects

The Nano’s sales have hit a low once again with only around 3,500 units sold in November. Tata Motors hopes that a bigger engine which displaces around 800cc will help in boosting the aspirational value of the car which is currently suffering from the ‘cheapest car in the world’ tag.

Tata Motors has already confirmed that CNG and diesel variants of the car will be in the market in 2013. Economic Times reports that a new variant with an 800cc petrol engine is also in the works and according to their sources, the bigger engined Nano will be ready in about 12 months from now.

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In addition to the 800cc engine, the Nano will likely get some styling and equipment upgrades so as to enable it to move upmarket and take the fight towards cars like the Maruti Alto and the Hyundai Eon. The year 2014 will see new contenders in the segment in the form of Renault A-Entry and Datsun I2.

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Our hunch is that the 800cc Nano will be a part of the mid-life refresh of the Tata Nano which may get a visual makeover inside out, power steering, disc brakes at the front wheels and a proper hatch at the rear.

The existing 38PS 624cc engine is expected to continue as the entry level option. The Nano 800 will have an estimated price of around Rs. 2.5 lakhs for the base variant.


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11 thoughts on “Alongside a facelift, Tata Nano may get an 800cc petrol engine in 2013

  1. Rahul says:

    Yes, it will become a successful model for TATA. I guess TATA is working with Bosch to improve Nano. As per my personal opinion, it is going to be India’s best selling car very soon!

    1. Rahul says:

      Nithyanandh, please correct me, if I am wrong about the TATA-Bosch collaboration.

      1. Nithyanandh K says:

        Hi Rahul! You are right. Upgrades like the low cost column mounted electric power steering are being developed by Bosch.

  2. a hatch should be added a 5 speed is a must even the current engine can stand a 5 speed..I drive a Nano and a hatch and a 5 speed are what I really miss. How about 4 valving the current engine…

  3. Sagar Sawant says:

    NANO EUROPA must be launched and not a mere facelift …

  4. Sagar Sawant says:

    Tatas have reacted late …

    GRANDE is a wasted opportunity leaf spring suspension plain bad … Xylo took away the market …

    Being a ladder frame vehicle they should have immediately got a 4 meter mini Grande at least looking at the success of the Indigo CS … again missed opportunity …

    No one told them of Aria AC vents freezing the drivers left hand … dunno what the R&D, testing and design teams were doing …

    LUXURY MINI SUV should immediately come on the Aria platform …

    SAFARI STORME is investment wasted …

    Hope they do lot of prototyping for all the new launches planned in the next 15 months … heard about a total revamp …

  5. sandy says:

    Actually, I was expecting them to make the existing 624cc powertrain more powerful like say Fiat’s TwinAir. But definitely new interior n exterior is expected within the same footprint. Should be upmarket.

  6. sri says:

    Tata Nano with 800 cc CNG adding a rear boot space and some refreshed interior and exterior would really close the chapter of maruthi in India and would cease its Alto 800 sales which is underpowered when compared with the current Nano !! but one thing tata’s should not give the same old auto rickshaw engine with dhad dhad sound ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. GB says:

    This is good news. A 800 CC, 3 pot petrol mill will set this car in a league of its own. There would definitely be exports of this version & so there would be a 2 door targa top trim as-well. Now that and on a rear engine-rear wheel drive, 600 KG automobile is serious fun!! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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