Rendered – HM Ambassador Pickup Truck (no kidding)

Posted on: Apr 19, 2011 - 10:08am IST

Hindustan Motors Ambassador pickupThis rendering is not to give you a good laugh because according to our sources, the age-old Ambassador platform will indeed give rise to a single cab pickup. There is a good possibility of this vehicle landing on the marketplace by the year-end as the revival of the Amby is well and truly on. We can’t assure you of a launch date as HM’ style of working is like watching Time Warp on Discovery Channel.

Hindustan Motors will make several variants on the Amby platform including a sub-4 meter vehicle and revamped version of the existing product. There might not be groundbreaking changes under the hood as the existing 1.5-liter diesel engine producing 35bhp is capable of handling the job. There will be no fancy body graphics or silky-smooth finish as this product is meant for the commercial vehicles sector. Components from the existing Amby will be used, in some cases modified to suit the heavy-duty application. Tata Motors, Mahindra and Force Motors have implemented small pickups with their passenger vehicle platforms and that’s where the inspiration came from for HM.

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10 thoughts on “Rendered – HM Ambassador Pickup Truck (no kidding)

  1. v.sangeeth says:

    please………… careful while uploading the edited photos….. we can see the back door portions through front glass in the pic!!!!!!!!!

  2. ritesh says:

    I have alredy seen ambassador pickup in kolkata last year dont know whether that was company made or just modified, but was with two row seat.

  3. TT Cars says:

    It is time Hindustan Motors realizes that it needs to do some serious introspection to sell its products in this highly competitive Indian automobile market. I don’t think this pickup will be of any value addition to the HM brand name. Instead, it should try and continue with the Ambassador legacy with constant modern tweaks like the Coopers and the Beatles do.

  4. Madhav says:

    This will even stop the TENs of Ambys being sold these days.

    Stupid plan HM!

  5. SUNNY says:




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